Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week of July 25th-31st

Monday: 9mi / 66min in Burlingame w/Jonny and Griffin. Nice run. Legs a little fatigued from long run yesterday.

Tuesday: 7mi / 54min in Burlingame w/Jonny, Griffin, Pard, and Joe. Nice and easy run. Was going to run again in the pm but was too lazy. lifted weights.

Wednesday: 11mi / 75min in Pisgah w/Griffin. I felt tired out there. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. No humidity and cool. Went blueberry picking on Pitcher Mtn w/my parents and Jen at night.

Thursday: 5mi / 33min on Westmoreland Tracks w/Griffin. Another cool, humidity free morning. lifted weights.
pm - 6mi / 40min at Hinsdale Fun Run. Just ran easy. Blessing of the Fleet tomorrow. Legs feel good.

Friday: 13mi* / 1:22 - Blessing of the Fleet 10mi - 54:32 (5:27) 8th. Pretty good race. It was very humid but mild temps in the high 70's. I went out too fast thinking that maybe I could run with Matty P. He quickly showed me that he was in great shape and I could not hang with his surge after 2miles. Way to go Matty P. You're Back!! I felt really sorry for myself at 4miles but ran with Joe S. after 5.5miles and was able to finish strong. I was really happy to see Bentley and Jonny run monster p.r.'s. It was fun to cheer in Jen and Mandy, even though they weren't pleased with their runs, I'm proud of them both for getting after it. I loved seeing Matty Bo and Randy looking so freakin' diesel!! Those were both skinny track guys that now can both bench over 300lbs. It was also good to see Big Dave out there doing his thing. What a fun event!! I love catching up with my Rhode Island running buddies. Oh yeah, props to Dave Hurley an A-Town kid running a big p.r. too. Here are my laps and splits:
1mi-5:59 (missed it)
10mi-5:21/54:32 p.r. for the course (by 7 sec)

Post race had a nice meal with Mandy, Justin, Jonny, Jen, Matty Bo, and Diane at Casey's with some much needed chromium replacement.

Saturday: 12mi* / 1:14 - Carver 5mi - 26:49(5:22) 26th/ 7th for CMS. Well, I was pulling a Double J today, and it hurt!! My legs were fried going into this one. I ran as tough as I could on dead legs and I have to be pleased with the result. CMS had it's A Team at this race and we would not be denied the team victory. Greg Ward caught me with 1/4 mile to go, and he inspired me to dig down and find a strong kick. It was humid and hot out there on the course today. Here are my laps and splits:

My legs are tired. I'll probably skip the long run with the Keenyans and do something easy tomorrow and then a long run solo on Monday.

Sunday: 7mi / 51min on Westmoreland Tracks w/ (Jen and Griffin) My legs were pretty beat up, just took it nice and easy on flat terrain.

Total: 70mi - O.K. week. The races were a lot of fun. My legs are tired, next week more miles with a nice long run on the trails.

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