Thursday, May 26, 2011

Week of May 23rd to 29th

Monday: 0mi - Had a track meet. I'm very sore today.

Tuesday: 3mi / 25min + 10mi / 66min. I ran with the track team in Friedsam did some core stuff with the team, then came home and immediately got out the door with Griffin for a good run in Pisgah. I'm still really sore from Northfield. My hamstrings are the worst.

Wednesday: 9mi* / 60min. Track workout: 400-400-mile (72, 73, 5:05) w/200 rest. w/Andy and Ferenc. (Boj, Fyffe, Miller, Najem, James, George, and Brad there too) This was a lousy workout. I warmed up with very sore hamstrings. I did some leg swings before the workout, and that seemed to make my hammy's even worse. I decided I would go tempo pace and run 5:16-5:20 pace for my efforts. I hit the 400's too fast and my legs were screaming. I did the mile, shooting for 5:16 and again I ran too fast, and my legs really hurt. I decided to call it a day. It made me feel a little better to know that Andy was feeling the exact same way and he cut his workout short too. A good soak in the happy river made my legs feel a little better.

Thursday: 11mi / 73min in Saxton's River trails w/Ferenc and the girls. Nice and easy.

Friday: 8mi / 54min in Pisgah w/Griffin. Went for a swim in Fullam Pond. Saw a wood cock and the season's first deer fly. They should be in full force in 10 days or so. lifted weights

Saturday: 11mi / 76min in Burlingame w/Griffin. Took a nice swim in Watchaug Pond. Body a little stiff from the drive down to RI.

Sunday: 11mi / 82min in Burlingame w/Jonny and Griffin. Nice run through some fun technical single track trails.

Total: 63mi- O.K. week. I've felt pretty stiff, maybe from the adjustment to the humidity. Need to make sure I stretch well and lift.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Week of May 16th-22nd

Monday: 0mi - lifted weights

Tuesday: 10mi / 67min in Pisgah w/Griffin. My (r) piriformis is very sore. Ouch that run hurt. Jen ran a shorter loop and we crossed paths twice on the run which was fun. Griffin got a good speed workout in sprinting ahead to catch Jen.

Wednesday: 11mi* / 68min. Track workout - 5 x 200, 400 w/200rest (35,71,34,69,33,68,32,66,30,63) w/Andy (James and Boj there too). Good workout, I was a little stiff but it went well.

Thursday: 8mi / 52min in Pisgah w/Griffin. Lifted weights

Friday: 7mi / 45min in Pisgah w/Griffin.

Saturday: 13mi* / 1:20 Northfield Mtn Race 6.4mi - 37:51-6th (5:37,5:53,7:39,6:48,5:05,4:45,1:58) This was an o.k. race. I felt like I climbed alright. I went back and forth with Ben Nephew and he was ahead at the top. Usually, I feel like I can really descend well and make up some time. I didn't have a ton of zip in my legs and didn't make up any ground on Andy and Tim Pipp. I thought I would be able to catch them. I bet we had just about the same splits on the way down. I was able to pass Ben very early into the descent but I really didn't put much time on him after that. I crossed the line in 6th place with a new p.r. for the course. I've run 37:55 before, back in 2006. Ben was 4 seconds back that year, and the same amount this year. This was a competitive field and it was nice to see the Keene area represented so well. Thanks to Dave Dunham for directing a great event.

Sunday: 12mi / 1:20 Keene Rail Trail w/Boj, Fyffe, Ferenc, Najem, Shaun P., and Lena and Ellie. This was a nice flat, slow, recovery run. Wow am I sore. Those downhills from the race kicked my butt!!

Total: 61mi - O.K. week. Want to get in the 70's next week with no racing. Lift and get a long run.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Week of May 9th-15th

Monday: 0mi

Tuesday: 14mi / 1:40 in Grafton Trails w/Ferenc, Boj, and the girls. Good run. We hit a couple of really steep climbs and we couldn't finish the route we set out to do. We got a little lost.

Wednesday: 10mi* / 64min track workout - 200,400,800,1200,1600,800,400 w/half time rest. (36,77,2:29,3:43,4:57,2:22,68) w/Andy(James there too). This was a great workout. The short rest made it sort of difficult but manageable. I needed a good one after missing two weeks of track workouts.

Thursday: 8mi / 53min in Pisgah w/Griffin. Felt a little tired. Weather was beautiful.

Friday: 3mi /25min in Friedsam w/track team + 8mi / 53min in Pisgah w/Griffin. I should have eaten a snack. I got pretty hungry out there. Took a swim in Fullam Pond.

Saturday: 9mi* / 59min. Westmoreland 4mi - 22:01(5:30) 1st. I am pleased with this race. I ran 21:54 in 2007 on this very hilly course. This year I was probably 20 seconds faster, but the new race director moved the start and finish back. I felt strong the whole way. It's safe to say the sinus infection is behind me and I'm running well again. Jen won her first race, which was very cool to see. Started to get a migraine but I fought it off.

Sunday: 18mi* / 2:01 Putney Rds. w/Fyffe. This was a nice long run. Fyffe still knows how to run! Legs a bit stiff today.

Total: 70mi - Great week. I need to lift more next week and run similar mileage.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Week of May 2nd-8th

  1. Monday: 0mi - drove to RI for Nature's Classroom

  2. Tuesday: 10mi* / 58min to Snug Harbor. Good m.p. run. I have a sinus infection but this was a nice effort.

  3. Wednesday: 10mi / 64min to Snug Harbor

  4. Thursday: 7mi / 48min to the water tower. Feeling tired today. Sinus bug kicking my butt

  5. Friday: 0mi

  6. Saturday: 5mi / 33min in Pisgah w/Griffin. Ready to race tomorrow.

  7. Sunday: 10mi* / 64min. Nashua 6K - 19:38(5:16) -14th. I was pleased with my effort considering I really felt run down from my sinus infection. I went out conservatively. Tim VanOrden passed me around 2.5miles. I tried to hang on to him. I was hurting after the 3mile mark. He got about a 3 second gap on me with half a mile to go. I was able to dig down and kick by him in the last straight away. He helped pull me a long. CMS won the team title. PM: 8mi / 49min on Keene Rail Trail. Felt really good.

  8. Total: 50miles- Not a great week due to my sinus infection but I managed to run a decent race. Looking forward to next week.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Week of April 25th-May 1st

  1. Monday: 10mi / 63min in Pisgah w/Griffin. Nice run.
  2. Tuesday: 8mi / 51min in Pisgah w/Griffin. Very humid today. Feeling good!
  3. Wednesday: 0mi - had a track meet. I brought clothes to run after, but it was a long meet and decided to bag it and get a burrito instead.
  4. Thursday: 4mi / 27min in Pisgah w/Griffin. I'm terrified of lightning and we were supposed to get a nasty storm so I squeezed in a short run. Well the storms never came. I could have gone longer. Oh well. Lifted total body.
  5. Friday: 3mi / 26min in Friedsam w/track team. + 8mi / 51min in Pisgah w/Griffin. Feeling good except I have a nasty cold. I wonder if it's allergies. I always seem to be sick when the trees are starting to blossom and get leaves.
  6. Saturday: 8mi / 54min in Pisgah w/Ferenc, Fyffe, and the girls. Good run. Still have a cold. Warm day. Fun barbeque afterwards.
  7. Sunday: 12mi* / 1:14 James Joyce Ramble 10k - 33:31 (5:24) 30th place. Very crappy race. I just didn't feel very good. I still have a cold and just tried to give it everything I had but was dying out there. My splits got worse and worse and I got passed by more and more runners. Oh well. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, a tad windy, but very nice. I'm happy to see that CMS won the team title by 4 seconds! Wow, nice effort everyone!
  8. Total - 53miles - Need to get healthy and have a good race at the 6K. I'll be down in Rhode Island all week for a class trip.