Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week of July 25th-31st

Monday: 9mi / 66min in Burlingame w/Jonny and Griffin. Nice run. Legs a little fatigued from long run yesterday.

Tuesday: 7mi / 54min in Burlingame w/Jonny, Griffin, Pard, and Joe. Nice and easy run. Was going to run again in the pm but was too lazy. lifted weights.

Wednesday: 11mi / 75min in Pisgah w/Griffin. I felt tired out there. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. No humidity and cool. Went blueberry picking on Pitcher Mtn w/my parents and Jen at night.

Thursday: 5mi / 33min on Westmoreland Tracks w/Griffin. Another cool, humidity free morning. lifted weights.
pm - 6mi / 40min at Hinsdale Fun Run. Just ran easy. Blessing of the Fleet tomorrow. Legs feel good.

Friday: 13mi* / 1:22 - Blessing of the Fleet 10mi - 54:32 (5:27) 8th. Pretty good race. It was very humid but mild temps in the high 70's. I went out too fast thinking that maybe I could run with Matty P. He quickly showed me that he was in great shape and I could not hang with his surge after 2miles. Way to go Matty P. You're Back!! I felt really sorry for myself at 4miles but ran with Joe S. after 5.5miles and was able to finish strong. I was really happy to see Bentley and Jonny run monster p.r.'s. It was fun to cheer in Jen and Mandy, even though they weren't pleased with their runs, I'm proud of them both for getting after it. I loved seeing Matty Bo and Randy looking so freakin' diesel!! Those were both skinny track guys that now can both bench over 300lbs. It was also good to see Big Dave out there doing his thing. What a fun event!! I love catching up with my Rhode Island running buddies. Oh yeah, props to Dave Hurley an A-Town kid running a big p.r. too. Here are my laps and splits:
1mi-5:59 (missed it)
10mi-5:21/54:32 p.r. for the course (by 7 sec)

Post race had a nice meal with Mandy, Justin, Jonny, Jen, Matty Bo, and Diane at Casey's with some much needed chromium replacement.

Saturday: 12mi* / 1:14 - Carver 5mi - 26:49(5:22) 26th/ 7th for CMS. Well, I was pulling a Double J today, and it hurt!! My legs were fried going into this one. I ran as tough as I could on dead legs and I have to be pleased with the result. CMS had it's A Team at this race and we would not be denied the team victory. Greg Ward caught me with 1/4 mile to go, and he inspired me to dig down and find a strong kick. It was humid and hot out there on the course today. Here are my laps and splits:

My legs are tired. I'll probably skip the long run with the Keenyans and do something easy tomorrow and then a long run solo on Monday.

Sunday: 7mi / 51min on Westmoreland Tracks w/ (Jen and Griffin) My legs were pretty beat up, just took it nice and easy on flat terrain.

Total: 70mi - O.K. week. The races were a lot of fun. My legs are tired, next week more miles with a nice long run on the trails.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Week of July 18th-24th

Monday: 10mi / 70min on Keene Tracks w/George and Griffin. Hot and humid weather, legs a little bit sore.

Tuesday: 0mi - Hiked up Little Monadnock w/Jen and Griffin in Rhododendron State Park in Fitzwilliam, NH. Nice easy hike with beautiful views and blueberries on the summit.

Wednesday: 10mi / 68min in Pisgah w/Griffin and (Jen). Great run.
pm - 9mi* / 59min - track workout- 4-4-8-mile-8-4-4 w/half rest (74,74,2:26,4:57,2:22,70,66) w/Andy and George (Boj, James, Ockel, Brad, Jen, andFerenc there too) It was pretty hot and humid at the track. I felt really good and stayed smooth and relaxed the whole time. We took 400 rest after the mile, making the 2nd 800 the toughest part of the workout.

Thursday: 10mi / 74min in Gilsum Woods w/George and Boj. Nice and slow. Very hot and humid. lifted weights
pm - 7mi* / 47min at Hinsdale Fun Run. 1mi-5:34/2.3mi-20min (had to run to the bathroom, but finished) It was outrageously hot and humid. 91 degrees at 6:30 at night.

Friday: 12mi / 1:22 on Westmoreland Tracks w/Ferenc. Very hot and humid again. This heat wave sucks!!! Can't take the dogs with us because it really is too hot for them. Humans are the world's best ultra endurance predators in the heat, dogs are the world's best in cold temps.

Saturday: 15mi / 1:34 on Westmoreland Tracks w/Ferenc and Fyffe. Zipping along pretty well on way back. Not as hot, still humid though.
pm - 3mi / 20min in Pisgah w/Fyffe, Ferenc, and the girls. Took the dogs for a swim and got some extra mileage.

Sunday: 20mi* / 2:22 in Gilsum Woods w/George, Ferenc, Fyffe, Pipp, Thomas P., and Ryan B. My legs were pretty fried going into this run. It turned out to be slightly longer than advertised which was tough for my tired body and spirit to handle. After finishing and chugging some gatorade, I was in a better mood and it was a good run.

Total: 96mi - Big mileage week and I'm feeling it. The goal is to keep this going and have a really strong fall. I know my races might suffer a bit this summer, but the heat always slows me down any way, so why not get after it? I'm racing the Blessing of the Fleet next Friday and Carver on Saturday, pulling a double j. Should be fun, less mileage, more lifting.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Week of July 11th-17th

Monday: 14mi / 1:40 in Gilsum Woods w/George. Nice and easy run. Legs a little tired. Dunked in the Putney swimming hole to heal my legs. Lifted weights.

Tuesday: 18mi* / 1:53 on Putney Rds. w/Fyffe. It was hot and humid out. This was a good run. Running up the big hill was very tough in the heat, tough to breathe. Dipped in the magical Putney waters after the run.

Wednesday: 12mi* / 74min. Track workout - 8x200 (33 second avg) w/200m rest. We kept the rest very honest and ran fairly quick. w/Andy, Fyffe, and Clint (James, Boj, Ockel, Jen, and Angella there also) The weather turned pretty nasty and we ran in a downpour with some flashes of lightning. As we finished are long cool down, the rain stopped and the sun came out revealing a beautiful double rainbow. Cool stuff. Feeling good. Lifted weights.

Thursday: 8mi* / 52min at Hinsdale Fun Run. 1mile - 5:12 / 2.3mi - 12:43. I won both of these and it was a tempo effort. My legs are pretty tired. Time to take it easy for Stowe.

Friday: 10mi / 71min on Westmoreland Rail Trail w/Ferenc and the girls (Boj and Jen there too) Nice and easy. Dipped at Putney to ice the legs after.

Saturday: 5mi / 34min on Westmoreland Tracks w/Goupil and Griffin. Nice and easy iced the legs again at Putney.

Sunday: 13mi* / 1:26 - Stowe 8miler - 44:33 (5:34) 34th place, 6th for CMS. It was hot out there. I didn't race with a watch which was a good idea. I felt like I really raced out there and had a pretty strong last mile. When I crossed the line I was surprised to see my time was almost a full minute slower than last year. The heat definitely slowed me down. I got some help out there from Kevin Tilton and TiVo who pushed me most of the way. The swimming hole, ice cream, and free chromium replacements were the best part of the day. Our mustaches looked awesome as always, it's great being on such a fun team!

Total: 80mi - Ok week. My legs have been heavy but they felt ok during the race. I need to be better about lifting next week and doubling.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Week of July 4th-10th

Monday: 10mi* / 64min. 4 on the 4th - 20:29 (5:07) 7th - o.k. race. faded badly last mile. Oh well.

Tuesday: 14mi / 1:30 on Grafton Trails w/Ferenc, Fyffe, Boj, and Ellie and Lena. Good run. Some big climbs. My legs are tired.

Wednesday: 5mi / 33min in Friedsam w/ Griffin
9mi* / 59min - track workout 2mi (10:41) 200 (31) 4x4oo (71,69,68,66) 200 rest. Ran the 400's w/Andy and Fyffe. Legs were tired. Big crew at the track today: Jen, Boj, Clint, Angella, Brad, James, and Okle.

Thursday: 10mi / 73min in Pisgah w/Griffin and (M.C. and Jimmy and Jen)
pm- 8mi* / 54min - Hinsdale Fun Run- 1mile - 4:59 / 2.3mile - 12:25. Got 2nd in both of these. Ferenc ran very fast in the mile (4:33) and ran 12:02 in the 2.3. My legs felt dead and this was a tough effort. Big mileage day too.

Friday: 0mi

Saturday: 5mi / 43min in Dover, MA town forest. Ran with Jen and Griffin. It was miserably humid. It was a cool place to run but Jen twisted her ankle very badly half way out. I thought I was going to have to carry her but she toughed it out. Had fun with the families in Norfolk, MA.

Sunday: 23mi* / 2:28 in Saxton's River Trails + 5miles on roads immediately after at 6 min pace. I ran the trails with Fyffe, Ferenc, the girls, Whistle, and Boj. I ran the roads with Ferenc. This was a great run, I felt good the whole way.

Total: 84mi - I'm pleased with this week. I need to lift and stretch more, I've been neglecting those things, but the workouts and long run and doubles were great.

Week of June 27th-July 3rd

Monday: 10mi / 69min in Pisgah. Lifted weights

Tuesday: 9mi / 67min in Pisgah w/M.C. and wolves
10mi / 64min - Putney rds. w/Fyffe and Ferenc

Wednesday: 12mi* / 1:20 - track workout 2,2,4x4 (34,33,68,32,31,65,33,32,67,32,31,60) full rest w/Fyffe and Andy (M.C., Jen, Brad, and James also there) lifted weights

Thursday: 7mi / 56min - Daniel's Mtn. w/Josh D. Good run. lifted weights

Friday: 0mi - fishing trip caught 5 stripers one 20lb'er, 2 sea bass, and 2 skates. Good times!!

Saturday: 11mi / 1:26 in Burlingame w/Jonny, M.C., and Griffin. Nice and easy.

Sunday: 8mi / 51min on Westmoreland Rail Trail w/Ferenc, Fyffe, the girls, and (Jen) Nice and easy ready for race tomorrow. lifted weights

Total: 67mi

Week of June 20th-26th

Monday: 10mi / 72min in Pisgah w/Fyffe, Bailey, Griffin and Jen.

Tuesday: 9mi / 57min in Pisgah w/Ferenc and the girls

Wednesday: 0mi

Thursday: 11mi* / 70min - track workout 2x2mi (10:40, 10:33) w/Fyffe and Ferenc

Friday: 15mi / 1:45 - Pinnacle Mtn. morning run w/Ferenc, Fyffe, and the girls. Got lost. Tired!!

Saturday: 0mi sick

Sunday: 0mi sick with stomach bug

Total: 45 mi - not a good week with the stomach bug on the weekend