Thursday, February 16, 2012

Week of February 13th-19th

Monday - 4mi/28min in Pisgah with Griffin. My body feels surprisingly good. Trails really suck right now.

Tuesday - 7mi/49min in Pisgah with Griffin. My body is sore and stiff today. This loop is runable. I was going to run roads today but Griffin wasn't having any of that. She was really excited to run when she saw me get my gear on...trails it is.

Wednesday - 12mi*/1:20. Baker St workout: 2mi(10:12) + 4x400(65,65,62,62) 800 jog after 2mi/400 jog after 4's. Decent workout. Ran the first part with Fyffe. Calves pretty sore. Ran a little too fast on the last 2 4's. (James and Boj there also)

Thursday - 0mi. Just lazy and unmotivated. Had a meeting and I guess that's my excuse. Lifted weights.

Friday - 9mi/62min in Pisgah with Griffin. Good run. Trails were slushy where they were normally icy. If we get some more warm sunny days the trails will be completely clear. Lifted weights.

Saturday - 11mi/76min on Keene Rds with Fyffe, Ferenc, George and Miller. Beautiful day. Had a great run. Did some man work with the boys at my house and Glenn' s. Played some 3-on-3 hoops. It was fun. Hopefully I won't be sore for tomorrow's race.

Sunday - 9mi*/60 min. USATF NE Indoor Champs 5k-15:36(5:01 pace)8thplace/2nd in heat. I went into this race thinking I could go 15:10 or faster based on my mile(4:21) and my 3000(8:40). I figured I was a shoe in for a pr since this would be my first 5k on the track. I thought to myself that anything over 15:20 would be a bad race. Well, I tanked. I totally died out there just getting slower and slower. I hit the mile in around 4:51 then 2 miles in 9:55. I wanted to quit with 1200 to go. I couldn't believe how hot I was and how dry my mouth was. I was dying of thirst and the first place guy was pulling away. I now wasn't sure if I'd even pr. Mercifully, the race ended and I hit the line in 15:36 a new pr by 1sec. I'm not sure if basketball affected my race or if I've simply lost fitness due to getting sick and having some low training weeks. The high light of the day was seeing Adam M. win the 5k in 14:59. He closed his last lap in 29, running a perfect race.

Total - 52miles. I need 70's next week. Vacation should help make it easy to get the miles in.

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