Thursday, February 2, 2012

Week of January 30th-February 5th

Monday -10mi/66min on Putney rds with Fyffe.

Tuesday - 0mi - exhausted. Lifted weights.

Wednesday - 13mi*/1:28 - Baker St workout. 4x800 + 4x400(2:24,2:20,2:20,2:20,69,67,69,67) 400rest. Legs tired today.this was a so so workout that i was just happy to finish. Nice warm weather but windy.(James, Boj, George and KSCers)

Thursday - 0mi. Had to ref 2 games. Getting sick.

Friday - 3mi/20min in pisgah with Griffin. Trails are terrible right now, all ice. I was gonna run longer but I have a coldand got annoyed with trying to run on a glacier. Lifted weights

Saturday - 0mi. Have a bad cold. Slept all day. Skipped a track race.

Sunday -0mi. Still sick.

Total - 26mi. Crappy week. Lowest mileage week in a couple years. Rest and get healthy.

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