Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Week of february 6th-12th

Monday - 0mi. Still sick. Went for a walk at night and did 3 x 8sec hill sprints.

Tuesday - 0mi. Had to ref. Starting to feel better.

Wednesday - 12mi*/1:20 - Baker St workout: 4 x mile(5:15,5:16,5:21,5:08)w/400+rest. It felt great to finally run again! I feel almost 100%. Ran with Brent, Fyffe, and George. (Boj and Brad there also)
Felt nice and easy. Very controlled. I didn't sign up for Valentine because I got sick and didn't know if I could run a 6min mile nevermind sub 4:20. Now Jen and I are gonna do a trail race in Rhode island instead.

Thursday - 4mi/27min in Pisgah with Griffin. The trails are really dangerous. I almost broke my neck so I turned back.

Friday - 7mi/47min in Pisgah with Griffin. I ran on some trails that weren't as icy. I could run at a decent clip. I really need to get my miles up, I feel like I'm starting to lose fitness.

Saturday - 11mi/69min on Keene Rds out and around Bretwood Golf Course. Solo. Felt great to finally get a real run in. Lifted weights.

Sunday - 13mi*/1:24 - Brrrlingame 15k trail race -54:14(5:50) 1st place. This was a great race for me. I got a short warm up in with Jeff Walker, Jonny, Muddy, and Steve Schonning and we previewed the first part of the course. My legs felt very good and I liked the course. I was feeling confident. At the gun I took it out fairly hard to see who would go with me. Al Bernier was right in my heels with Mike Pezzula (URI runner) behind him. I did manage to do a nice flying squirrel jump off a rock that was in the field section of the start of the race. I love these twisty rolling courses. I was really pushing it on the downhills and turns. After about 5 min of racing I started to pull away from Al. I ran solo the rest of the way. I felt strong the entire time and finished the first loop in 26:50. I knew it would be hard to run even splits due to the fast start but I tried to do that. 26:50 for the second loop became my new focus. I held it together pretty well but I hit the finish in 27:23 for the second lap. I was happy to get a convincing win and my confidence is back up after two bad weeks of training due to being wiped out with a nasty cold. It was great seeing my friends and family run well. I'm looking forward to Dh Jones.

Total - 47miles. Really need to get my mileage up next week. I'm looking forward to racing my first ever 5k on a track.


  1. I was gonna say something last week, about how you won't lose fitness in a couple down weeks, the race this weekend said it all for me though. Nice job man, looking forward to seeing ya at Harvard this weekend.

  2. Sunday's race was awesome! I'm glad you made the trip down.