Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Week of February 20th-26th

Monday - 15mi/1:39 on Putney Rds with Fyffe, Ferenc and Najem. Legs a wee sore and fatigued but it was a good run. Went for a couple nice walks. The stars were amazing at night and Mars, Jupiter and Venus all looked huge.

Tuesday - 8mi/57min on Grafton trails with Ferenc, Boj and the girls. Nice easy run. Beautiful day. It got me excited about running more trails. Lifted weights.

Wednesday - am: 6mi/38min in Pisgah with Griffin and (Jen). Nice warm weather. Griffin and I had fun hanging out at the vistas waiting for Jen. (R) piriformis sore.
pm: 10mi*/68min. Track workout. 2mi(10:20) 800rest + 1000(3:00) + 2 x 800(2:25,2:25) 400rest. I'm pretty satisfied with this workout. I did the 2mi with Fyffe and Ferenc. (Brad, Boj and James there too)

Thursday - 8mi/55min in Pisgah with Ferenc and the girls and Jimmy. My body is tired today. Lifted weights. Saw grackles and red winged blackbirds today. A real sign of spring.

Friday - 10mi/65min on the Putney Rds with Fyffe and Ferenc. Bitter damp weather. Ran in a deep heavy mist. My hands were cold at the end. Played some guitars after. Man, we rock!! Too funny.

Saturday - 0mi.  A nice lazy day.  Getting pumped for DH Jones.

Sunday - 15mi*/1:30 - DH Jones 10mi - 54:10(5:25) 18th.  This was a pretty good race.  I went out a hair too fast to try and get on the back of the lead pack, to get out of the wind.  I started to hurt as we climbed in mile 3 and 4.  I recovered and rolled with a pack of BAA guys and Kevin Tilton for a few miles.  At around 7.5miles our pack really split up and I ran the rest of the way with a GBTC runner that I didn't recognize.  The final hill was very tough into the wind.  Judson Cake passed with me about a half mile to go.  I held off the GBTC runner to take 18th in 54:10.  This was 1 second slower than 2010.
Here are my miles: (5:15, 4:58, 5:45, 5:47, 5:26, 5:21, 5:06, 16:28 - missed 8 and 9 markers)

Total:  72miles - Decent week.  I realize I did lose fitness from getting sick and the lack of training after.  I need to ramp up and get prepared for New Bedford.


  1. Dang man killing the mileage this week..don't forget we got a race Sunday!!!

  2. Hope this past week went well too. New Bedford in two weeks!

  3. Nice race at Amherst and more recently on the trails! Didn't get to talk much after Amherst but nice work holding down the #2 spot. Looking forward to toeing the line with you at NB.