Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Week of April 14th - 20th, 2014

2mi/15min with the track team.  I drove to Ferenc's at night to run an hour and get wings.  When I got there I was starving and talked him and Boj into just getting wings.  Great decision.

0mi.  It was pouring and I was feeling lazy.  This is not a good start to this week.

Am: 4mi/28min in Pisgah with Griffin + Fit Club + Circuits.  I woke up to a fresh 1"+ of snow on the ground and 20degree F temps.  Welcome back winter!  Beautiful morning for a run.
Pm:  10mi/68min in Pisgah with Griffin.  Great run.  It was sunny and 41degrees.  The morning's snowfall was still hanging on in the shade but clear trail in the sun.  Saw a beaver and some wood ducks.  Feeling good. 

5mi/33min in Pisgah with Griffin.  I was going to run longer, but Griffin was hanging back and acting funny.  I stopped and waited for her and she yelped.  I turned around and she charged to the front and acted like nothing was wrong.  Chilly temps today.

7mi/57min in Pisgah with Sontag and Rockstar (Jen, Courtney, Griffin and Cookie).  We ran nice and slow with the girls and they turned back and us boys added on some more mileage.  Fun run.

11mi/79min on the Keene Hilly Rds. with George and Thomas.  Good run.  Nice weather.  Feel good.

15mi*/1:45 - Putney Mtn - Pinnacle Mtn trails with Goupil, Ferenc, Lena and Ellie.  Nice run.  The weather was chilly at the start, but it quickly warmed up.  I could have stayed at the lookout at the top of Pinnacle Mtn forever.  It was a beautiful day. 

54miles.  I didn't lift, do a speed workout, or a race.  It was still a good week because my mileage is slowly starting to climb up and I'm beginning to feel some fitness coming back.  Vacation next week, I want to run some good miles and maybe go run up Mt. Monadnock.  I'll go to the gym to lift a couple times too.

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