Sunday, August 10, 2014

Week of August 4th to 10th, 2014

5mi/36min in Friedsam with Griffin.  Body stiff from all the travel back from New York.  I was going to double but got hooked on watching the Game of Thrones.  Watched the whole first season.

12mi/1:15 in Pisgah with Ferenc, Lena and Ellie.  Great run.  We were moving pretty quickly.  I went fishing at night with Miller and caught about 30 large mouths.

8mi/56min - Grafton Ponds trails with Ferenc and the girls.  Good run, legs a bit tired.

11mi/77min on Claremont, NH roads with Ferenc, Brent W. and Justin Montgomery.  Nice run.  Fun running with these guys.  Feeling good.

AM:  4mi/30min in Pisgah with Griffin.  Nice easy run before the drive to Rhode Island.
PM:  11mi*/68min in Burlingame solo.  I was cruising m.p.* for the first half of the run and then I smoked my head on a tree on the return trip.  I was running fast and ducked under a big blow down.  Unfortunately, the tree was a Y. I popped up and hit the second trunk.  I didn't see it because I was wearing a running hat and it was hidden by the brim.  The blow knocked me to the ground.  It was a hard hit to the head.  I got up scared that I did some brain damage (no kidding) and ran fast towards home.  After a few minutes, I told myself to slow down and relax and make it home safely.  I was bleeding from the head and had a huge goose egg and a decent head ache.  I popped out early onto Buckeye Brook Rd., hoping I could flag down a car for a ride back to my parent's house, but there were no cars and I ended up running all the way back.  Jen took care of my head injury and decided I didn't have a concussion, but man it hurt!  It was a real eye opener that I should carry a cell phone on runs.  I already wear a road ID and I write a note telling my wife where I'm going and my ETA.  It never occurred to me that I could get hurt ducking under a tree.  Lesson learned!  Be careful out there friends!

0mi.  I wanted to rest my aching head and neck from yesterday's smashing.  I rode my mtn bike nice and easy on the Lil Rhody course with Jen and my dad.  Fun ride.  Today is my 37th birthday.  I always run on my birthday but my head was not feeling too good and decided to take it easy.

AM:  11mi/1:23 in Pisgah with Ferenc and the girls + (Emily and Jen).  Nice and easy run followed up with a good swim in Kilburn Pond.
PM:  3mi/22min with Boj.  We ran out to Kilburn to the high rocks for a nice swim after a wiffle ball game where he destroyed me and hit one of the hardest home runs in Hammett Stadium.

Total for the week:
65miles.  Good week.  Hitting my head sucked, but I'm feeling much better now.  I'll be more careful about blow downs in the future.  Higher mileage next week.


  1. Happy Birthday!!!! OUCH!!! Glad you are OK. There are a few places where the trees are low in Burlingame and I worry about head wacks. Can't even imagine how the bikers get under some of them. Game of Thrones is addictive.

  2. Happy Birthday, Greg! Welcome to the Club! Watch your head out there; I imagine having hair on top would provide some more cushion, but I can't be sure. Hope you have a good week of training this week!

  3. When I grazed my head on a tree during the Brrr-lingame race, I thought I was going to die. I can't imagine smoking it hard enough to get knocked over. Glad you made it through in one piece.

  4. Thanks, everyone. My head is feeling better!

  5. Ouch. Happy birthday and glad you didn't crack your head open!