Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1st to 7th, 2014

0mi.  Spent the day hanging out on the water with Jen and Griffin.  I did some fishing while they swam.

I caught 10 largemouths.  Most were small like this guy.
"Grow up, Son!"


I caught all my fish on a 5" Sink-O.  Most of them hit on the Sink-O's rigged Whacky Style.

This hog pounded the Sink-O as soon as it landed in the water. 
I caught 3 fish this size today. 
"Come here, Sugar Booger!"

0mi.  Super humid and hot day.  Starting to feel sick or possibly allergies.  Lifted weights in the morning.

AM:  5mi/37min.  Roads solo before school + sprints and drills.
XC practice:  3mi/25min in Friedsam Forest with the XC team. 
PM:  10mi/65min in Pisgah with Brett and Summit.  Great run.  Nice weather.  Less humidity today.  Good triple!

0mi.  Uggh  super sore throat.  Not feeling good.

8mi+/58min in Pisgah with Ferenc, Lena, Ellie and Griffin.  Very humid again today.  Good swim after with the moon out over Kilburn Pond.  I rode my mountain bike into Hinsdale to pick up my truck that was getting inspected.  Man, mtn bikes suck on the roads!  Circuits at school.

10mi*/59:42 on the Keene tracks solo.  Good m.p. run.  It was humid and quite warm.  I didn't feel great but glad I got in some quality running.  Watched a high school XC meet after the run.  Terrible running conditions, super hot and humid. 

18mi*/2:09 in Pisgah with Brett and Summit.  Fantastic run.  Gorgeous weather and feeling good.  We ran into Jen and Griffin coming down the ridge.

54mi.  OK week.  Good long run and m.p. run.