Monday, September 1, 2014

Week of August 25th to 31st, 2014

0mi.  First day of school and I'm feeling lazy.

AM:  2mi + Sprints and drills and lifting weights at the Y.  My body feels good.
PM:  9mi/58min in Pisgah solo.  Hot weather today, feeling great.

4mi/31min in Pisgah with Griffin.  Hot day again.  This is my first day with the kids at school.  Fun day.  It's always good going back to school.  Feeling sluggish on the run.

AM:  3mi/20min on the roads solo.  Nice morning.
PM:  8mi/50min in Pisgah solo.  Cruising and feeling like a rock star!  Awesome weather.

10mi/73min on the Pinnacle Mtn trails with Ferenc, Lena, Ellie and Griffin.  I got a little lost on the drive there, which put me in sort of a foul mood, but once we started running the weather and company was great and the trails were beautiful.  I got my mojo back.  We ate a ton of black berries at the Athen's Lookout summit.  Race tomorrow.

8mi*/50min.  KSC Alumni XC Meet - 17:01 (5:29) 20th place, 5th for Alumni.  This was a well executed, solidly run race for me.  I went out conservatively and kept moving up through the field and picking people off.  Nobody passed me but I did yo-yo with a college kid in the last half mile.  I was able to dig down and out kick him in the final straight-away.  It felt hot on the exposed course and it was a relief to pour water on my head at the finish.  It was my slowest time ever at this race, but I ran a good race.  This course is deceptively slow.  It's flat but the thick grass makes it about 40sec slower than an honest road 5K.

18mi*/2:05 in Pisgah with Ferenc, MacKnight, Thomas, Brett, Lena and Summit.  Great run!  The weather was nice, but the humidity was climbing as the run went on.  Eric and I took a dip at the Pisgah Reservoir about half way into the run, the other guys opted to stay dry.  On Hubbard Hill, MacKnight wanted to get the run finished and picked up the pace.  Ferenc and I went with him and we hammered the downhill to the finish. 

Total for the week:
62miles.  This was a pretty good week for the first week of school.  I need to really get into a routine and get some work (lifting or running) in the morning.  Cross Country starts next week.

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