Monday, February 23, 2015

Week of February 16th to 22nd, 2015

0mi.  I played 2-on-2 hoops after school with coworkers.  -12F this morning and windy.

0mi.  I played 4-on-4 hoops after school again.  Fun times.  Did a short snowshoe hike with the neighborhood kids after basketball.

0mi.  Lifted weights and got swole.  I should have run, but feeling tired.

3mi S.S./20min on the beaver pond single track with Griffin.  Windy and cold, 9F.  It's been below 0F every morning this week.  The cold temps are keeping the snow nice and fluffy.

0mi.  Played floor hockey at school all day.  Vacation starts tomorrow!

13mi* S.S./1:26 - Prospect Mtn 10K snowshoe race - 56:40 - 2nd place.  Ferenc and I dropped a guy early on the deep single track as the trail started to climb.  The climb was tough but it kept dumping out onto groomed trails and it was not too steep.  Ferenc started pulling away after 24min of racing mostly uphill.  I kept him in sight and he had 30 sec on me at the 5K mark which was at the summit (32:30).  I lost sight of Ferenc on the descent on deep powdery single track, but soon I could see snow spraying from him far up the trail.  I kept pushing on and got closer and closer.  The course continued mostly downhill but with some brutal traverses and little climbs on single track.  We dumped onto the groomed descent and we were flying.  I was maybe 8 seconds back and I gave it everything I had to try to catch him.  I finally caught him on the last little climb on the groomed section right before the final switch back descent before the finish.  My legs were destroyed and he pulled away on the switch backs.  I jogged down them, just trying to keep from falling on my face.  He won by 5 seconds.  I'll take the moral victory of just being able to catch back up to him.  If TiVo hadn't have put those impossible switchbacks there, I might have gotten him!  It was a great race though and I really surprised myself with how well I ran.  It was super cold at the mountain and I think that scared a lot of peope away from the race as there were only like 35 people.  (It was -14 at my house in the morning when I was getting ready to leave for the race.)

11mi S.S./1:20 in Pisgah with Ferenc, Lena and Ellie.  Sunny and warm today!  33F and it felt like Spring!  My body was pretty tired from yesterday's race.  I shoveled the 5" of new powder we got in the morning before the run.

Total for the week:
27mi.  Great race on Saturday.  It's vacation next week.  I'm pumped to run, lift and hopefully go to the rock gym and do some climbing.