Monday, February 23, 2015

Week of February 9th to 15th, 2015

4mi S.S./33min on the beaver pond single track.  Awesome run!  The trail we made is so fun.  It's tough going up and a blast coming down.  I shoveled for 3hrs and roof raked the 12" total of new snow from yesterday and today's storm.  Did a 1hr snowshoe hike with Jen and Griffin to pack our new trail in my big 30" snowshoes.  No school today, again.

0mi.  I roof raked and shoveled my neighbor's house for her.  She is old and has some ailments and can't do that kind of stuff.  Then I went to Glenn's house and helped him shovel tons of snow off his deck that had come off of his roof (which our friend George cleared for him).  My upper body and back are a bit sore and stiff.

0mi.  I went for a snowshoe hike with my neighbor and his young kids.  I'm glad they are into it.  My body is tired.  It's worth it though, I love all this snow!

3mi S.S./20min on beaver pond single track.  Fun little run in the morning.  Watched the middle school basketball tournament at night.  C-field won the title for boys.

1mi + drills and sprints after lifting at the YMCA.  Got diesel.  Snowshoe hike at night to pack the single track.

8mi S.S./58min on the Athens, VT trails with Ferenc, Lena and Ellie.  Fun run on a cold day, 4F.  Helped Ferenc get a load of wood after the run.

12mi S.S./1:30 in Pisgah with Ferenc, Lena and Elle.  Cold day, 10F with lot's of wind.  Tiring run, 7" of new snow.  I was bonking at the end of the run.  Shoveled for 2hrs.  My snow banks are about 6' high.  Snowshoe hike at night with Jen and Griffin for an hour packing our single track again.

Total for the week:
28mi.  Again, not a lot of running, but I've been very active with shoveling, roof raking and snowshoe hiking.  Feeling strong.  I love a real winter.  I can't even count how many nights we've had below 0F and the snow is super deep.  Awesome!

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