Monday, February 23, 2015

Week of January 26th to February 1st, 2015

0mi.  I'm feeling much better today after being sick for 12+ hours.  Just a quick bug.  I had to ref 2 games at night.

4mi S.S./28min on the beaver pond track.  I shoveled for an hour and a half.  We got 6" of new snow.  We were supposed to get a lot more.  Went for a 30min snowshoe hike as well with Jen.  No school today.

4mi S.S./31min in Pisgah with Griffin.  Beautiful trail conditions made for a fun run.  Lifted weights in the morning and snowshoed all day with the kids at school.

9mi S.S./63min in Pisgah with Brett, Summit and Griffin.  Awesome run.  Turned on the headlamps for the last 25min of the run.  Snowshoed with the kids at school again.

0mi.  Feeling tired and lazy.  Played some 1-on-1 volleyball at school with my student teacher.  Pretty fun stuff.  Body tired.

12mi/1:24 in Horatio Reserve with Brett and Summit.  Tough run, we should have worn snowshoes.  The snow was deep and it was cold, -3F.  I managed to overdress though.  Rock climbed for 2.5hrs at Vertical Dreams in Manchester after the run.  I'd love to start climbing more.  When I came home, the beautiful house across the beaver pond was on fire and we watched in horror as it burned to the ground.  The fire department couldn't do much except keep it from spreading to the woods.  Sad.

17mi*/1:59 on the Athens, VT trails with Ferenc, Brett, Lena and Ellie.  Cold to start -6F.  It was sunny though and plenty of climbing to warm us up.  We ran the switch backs on the way back and we did a death slide on our butts down the steep icy terrain.  Fun but a bit scary!  We saw a porcupine sitting in a hollowed out tree.

Total for the week:
46mi.  Decent week.  Rock climbing was a blast!  I need to do more snowshoe runs as it is really slippery out in the woods.  The snow is too deep for micro-spikes to do anything.

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