Monday, February 23, 2015

Week of February 2nd to 8th, 2015

0mi.  I shoveled for 2hrs.  We got 14" of new snow.  No school today.

3mi S.S./23min on the beaver pond.  Lifted weights.  It was -13F this morning.  Brrr!  Snowshoe hiked at school.

8mi S.S./59min in Pisgah with Ferenc and Griffin at night.  We wore headlamps and had a great night run.  The snow was deep and challenging in spots.  Most of the running we did was a snowmobile trails, thankfully!

0mi.  Snowshoe hiked at school with the kids.  I had a late meeting and didn't feel like running.

4mi S.S./31min in Pisgah with Griffin.  Lifted weights in the morning.  Snowshoe hiked with the kids at school again.  It was -14F this morning.

12mi*/1:24 - Northfield Mtn 4.5mi snowshoe race - 44:48 - 2nd.  Tough conditions.  Ross Krause and Tim Mahoney dropped me on the single track climb.  I caught Tim on the flat single track and my calf cramped.  I was able to descend pretty fast and put some space on Tim.  Ross killed it in 42:01.  Fun day of racing!

0mi.  Snowing all day today.  I shoveled for 2hrs and then Jen, Griffin and I snowshoe hiked a trail across the pond and up into the woods connecting to a snowmobile trail on Horseshoe Rd, which leads into Pisgah.  We have a ton of snow right now!  8 new inches of powder.

Total for the week:
27mi.  Not a lot of running but the race was fun and I've been snowshoe hiking a lot which is kind of like doing an easy run.  There's really no such thing as easy on snowshoes.  We have knee deep snow.  I love it!

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