Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 In the Books

Time to reflect back on running highs and lows from 2010.
Here are some of this year's highs:

-total mileage: 3,221 miles = 61.7 mpw - my highest total ever.
-49 races - highest race total ever
-New mile p.r. - 4:20.07 - BU mini meet
-New 3000m p.r. - 8:56 - URI Blue / White meet
-New 5k p.r. - 15:37 - Pie and Glove 5k, Corning, NY
-New 4mile p.r. - 20:29 - 4 on the 4th, Keene, NH
-New 5mile p.r. - 26:24 - Clamdigger 5mi, Westerly, RI
-New 12K p.r. - 40:01 - Bedford 12K
-New 8 mile p.r. - 43:39 - Stowe 8mi
-New 10 mile p.r. - 54:07 - DH Jones, Amherst, MA
-New half marathon p.r. - 1:11:00 - New Bedford half
-New marathon p.r. - 2:34:33 - Baystate Marathon
-New 50k trail p.r. - 4:04 - Pisgah 50K

Obviously, I had a great year with p.r.'s at almost every distance. Some other high lights include:
-going sub 2:00 in the 800m at the Valentine Classic and winning the heat with a big kick
-winning Lil Rhody for the 4th time in a new course p.r. for me in 45:03
-coming in 2nd to Fyffe at Northfield S.S. race in an epic battle
-winning the Northern Nipmuck 16mile trail race in 1:59:41, beating a very strong field and missing Ferenc's record by 16 seconds.
-winning the Pinnacle Challenge with team Four Runners (Fyffe, Miller, Ferenc, and Myself), I came back from a 3 min. deficit and we set the course record.

Some lows were Rhody 5k and the Pisgah 50k. Honestly though, I don't dwell on the negative and these were valuable learning experiences. I learned at Rhody to heed my own advice and go out slower in hot weather. I learned at Pisgah that I need more long trail runs if I want to win that race against 50k specialists, and race more on the trails.

In summary, I think the biggest reason for my success this year was Wednesday workouts with the Keenyans. Not just the actual speed sessions, but hanging out and training with an awesome group of people that inspire me to get out the door and keep running. We had some epic long runs and great times hanging out after runs playing guitars, singing, and dreaming about times we have yet to run. Also, dating Jen has been very good for me. She's always in a great mood and fun to be around. She keeps me very strong with her healthy meals. She supports my running and I'm proud of her running achievements. Thanks to my CMS teammates who motivate me with their blogs and are just fun to race with. New Bedford and Staches for Stowe were great team moments. I'm excited to see Jonny and Bentley so pumped about running and M.C. staying healthy and continuing to coach and encourage me. Thanks everyone who inspires me!

Goals for 2011:
-Stay healthy
-have fun!!
-p.r. at every distance from 800m-50K
-train optimally, emphasizing quality at the right intensity - not too fast!!
-lift 3 x week


  1. Amazing totals, dude!! Awesome year.

    Thanks for helping me get so excited about running. The Hammett clan has definitely worked wonders for my motivation and desire!!

  2. Thanks man. I'm proud of you, you've had a great year too. (I'm lifting my chromium replacement beverage) Here's to a healthy 2011 with many more p.r.'s

  3. Great year Greg! Thanks for your help and encouragement too.

  4. Awesome year. Congrats on all those accomplishments. Let's tear it up in 2011.