Friday, December 31, 2010

Week of December 27th-January 2nd

Monday: 8mi / 58 min on Putney Rds w/Fyffe and Ferenc. We were going to go longer but we got hit by some crazy wind and white out conditions on the high exposed roads. Slipping on the snow covered roads made for slow going. lifted upper x 3

Tuesday: 10mi s.s. / 72min in Pisgah w/Ferenc and the Girls. It was beautiful in the woods with the foot of fresh snow.

Wednesday: 9mi* / 60min - 8 x 200 (31,30,30,29,28,28,28,28) w/Fyffe, Andy, George, and Brad. Good workout, kept it relaxed. Sharpening workout for Millenium Mile. In the am I did a nice s.s. hike w/Glenn, Jimmy, and Griffin.

Thursday: 10mi / 67min on Gilsum Rds. w/George and Fyffe. Another nice s.s. hike in the am w/Jen and Griffin.

Friday: 0mi - No energy today. Feel like I'm getting sick. Tomorrow is the M.M. I hope I have some energy.

Saturday: 7mi* / 46min. Millenium Mile - 4:13, 8th place*

Sunday: 18mi* / 1:54 on Putney Rds. w/Fyffe, Ferenc, Wilson, Goupil, and George. Good run. My body was beat up from the hard downhill race. I pushed some of the climbs and we finished up with a 5:35 mile.

Total: 62mi

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