Sunday, December 19, 2010

Week of December 13th-19th

Monday: 8mi* / 48min in Pisgah w/Griffin. M.P. run*. I felt great out there. I was slowed a bit by the flooded trail and raging streams. It was dark and drizzly. Saw a racoon.

Tuesday: 3mi / 19min in Pisgah w/Griffin. 1" of snow on trails makes everything pretty.

Wednesday: 8mi* / 52min Baker Street workout - 3 x 2-2-4 w/full rest (32,31,66,30,30,64,29,27,62) Great workout! Felt pretty smooth. Fun running fast again.

Thursday: 0 mi - Christmas party. Ho Ho Ho

Friday: 10mi / 68min Putney Rds. w/Fyffe. Legs feel like crap. I guess that workout was a wee too fast on Wednesday. Saw a barred owl.

Saturday: 11mi* / 73min B.U. Mini Meet - mile - 4:20 -4th. I went into this with sore legs from Wednesday's z-line destroying workout. I miss timed my warm-up and kept having to run more to stay warm. I ended up with about a 4.5 mile warm-up. I saw I was in heat one with some pretty big guns seeded at 4:13. Crap. I was seeded with a 4:30. At least the pressure to win the heat was off, now I just had to run smart. I stood on the starting line thinking I might run 4:35. The gun went off and I felt o.k. I hit the 800m and heard 2:12,2:13. I thought,"well if I don't fade too badly I can run 4:28". I didn't fade. I picked it up and moved through the field. I hit the bell lap and dug down. I hit the line and looked left and was shocked to see 4:20.
I'm pumped! I didn't think I would run that fast for my first mile of the indoor season. The funny thing is, last January I had a goal of running 4:20 for the 2010 indoor season. I didn't do it but I was still happy with my 4:23. Well, it's still 2010, goal reached! It was awesome seeing so many CMS teammates at the meet. The Keenyans all ran great. Haley ran two p.r.'s, Fyffe ran a fast 3000m and finished with a blazing kick, and Goupil ran the smartest races I've ever seen him run. He negative splitted in both races and moved up through the field. I predict good things to come for the rest of indoors for our training group.
Update: I just looked at the results and I got screwed!! They switched my name with the 5th place guy. I know for a fact I was 4th and I was very close to running 4:19. There were 3 guys way ahead of me. I ran 4:20.07 according to the results for Ben O. There was no way in hell that I was 5th or that I ran 4:21.xx!! I'm kind of pissed. Oh well, I know what I ran.

Sunday: 18mi / 1:59 in Putney w/Fyffe, Ferenc, Wilson, and George. Nice run, feeling good.

Total: 58mi -I'm very happy with this week. I got 4 quality runs with a tempo run, workout, race, and long run. I'm racing the 3k and 800m next week at B.U.

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