Sunday, December 26, 2010

December 20th-26th

Monday: 6mi / 43min in Pisgah w/Griffin and Jimmy. Trails are in rough shape. Lot's of ice and frost heaves. If we get a dusting to 2 inches of snow, it's going to be treacherous out there.

Tuesday: 3mi / 18:30 on Ashuelot rail trail w/Griffin. Had to run early, reffed two games.

Wednesday: 11mi* / 72min. Baker St. Track Workout - 4 x800m (2:23,2:22,2:21,2:18) 400 rest + 2 x200m (31,30). Tough workout. It was snowing and the road conditions were getting progressively worse the longer we were there. I felt like I was really working hard to hit the times. We cut it short to avoid pulling something from slipping on the roads. Good long bonk-inducing cool down. Andy and Fyffe saved the day with their powerbars and healthy cookies.

Thursday: 8mi / 53min in Pisgah w/Griffin. 1/2" of snow covered the ice making for dangerous conditions. Legs a little tired.

Friday: 5mi / 29:30 on Ashuelot rail trai w/Griffin. Felt smooth and easy. Was gonna run again later in the day but had to start and finish my Christmas shopping. Enjoyed hanging with the family.

Saturday: 9mi / 59min in Burlingame State Park w/Griffin. Ran on the very technical and cool Sammy C. trail.

Sunday: 9mi* / 53min on Ashuelot rail trail. Tempo 7mi in 38:30. Feel great. I was going to race at BU but the blizzard would have stranded me in Rhode Island. I wanted to get home, so I skipped the meet. I really wanted to race.

Total: 51mi - O.K. week. I need to get my mileage up a little bit. I guess I'll be snowshoeing next week. I'm excited for Millenium Mile next week.