Sunday, December 12, 2010

Week of December 6th-12th

Monday: 7mi / 47min in Pisgah w/Jimmy and Griffin. Nice cold winter day.

Tuesday: 10mi / 66min in Pisgah w/Fyffe, Ferenc, and the Girls. Great run. It's always fun running with the guys and hanging out after. Life is good.

Wednesday: 9mi* / 60mi - Track Workout - 2-2-8-8-4-4-4-4 -w/half rest. Result:(34, 33, 2:18, 2:16, 68, 67, 66, 67) This was a great workout for me and a big confidence booster. Last week I didn't feel warmed up enough for my workout and suffered in the mile. This week I did the 200's first and then hit the 800's. I was originally planning for 2:22-2:24.for the 8's. I was surprised to see how easy and relaxed I felt. It was fun having everyone doing the same workout for once, that rarely happens. Feeling great!

Thursday: 3mi / 19min on roads at night w/Griffin

Friday: 8mi / 58min in Pisgah w/Fyffe, Ferenc, Boj, and the Girls

Saturday: 10mi* / 66min URI Alumni Track Meet 3ooom -8:56 1st. 1500m -4:19 5th. Good race in the 3k. I've never run a 3k before, so it's a p.r. I took the lead after the mile. They weren't yelling out splits and I wasn't wearing a watch, so I was clueless to how fast I was running. One URI kid went with me(Mike). He surged hard w/300m to go. He got a gap of about 3 seconds. I thought that was it. At the bell lap I ran hard and caught him on the final turn and put 3 seconds on him for the win. It felt great to win my first race in Mackal Field House. I only had about 25 minutes to get ready for the 1500 and my legs were cooked. Time to switch into workout mode. This was gonna hurt. I had no fight at all and let the top 3 guys go at the gun.(They were fresh) The winner ran 4:05. I was not thrilled but not upset with my 4:19. It was a fun meet, but it was a little disappointing that I was the only alumnus running from my college years. After the meet, Jen and I went and watched her niece perform in a play. It was a great day.
3000m laps/splits
1. 34.15
2. 35.31/1:09.46
3. 36.53/1:45.99
4. 36.64/2:22.63
5. 36.85/2:59.48-1000m
6. 37.24/3:36.72
7. 37.11/4:13.83
8. 36.88/4:50.71-1600m
9. 36.14/5:26.85
10. 35.51/6:02.36-2000m
11. 35.11/6:38.05
12. 36.12/7:14.36
13. 36.85/7:51.21
14. 34.69/8:25.90
15. 29.90/8:55.80-3000m-nice kick!

Sunday: 8mi / Untimed - Ran in Pisgah w/Jen, Griffin, and Jimmy. Wet rainy day, trail and dirt roads were pretty icy in spots. Legs a little tired.

Total: 55mi - Good week. Nice workout and race. I needed a long run and to lift. Next week I'm gonna lift, race at BU (probably the mile and 800), and do a long run.


  1. Hey man awesome Workout. Before my workouts I now do a 3 min tempo and 2x200s after my warm up and then start the workout. I found it has helped me a lot too. Good luck this and next weekend!


  2. Thanks man. Good to hear from you. I hope you are running well. I'm gonna try the 3 min. tempo with the 200's. Are you enjoying the snow? I hear Syracuse got over 2 feet.

  3. You're in great shape right now and running really well, keep it rollin this winter.

  4. Thanks, Mike. That's the plan. It looks like you're running well also.

  5. Sorry we couldn't see you race on Saturday. Congrats on the winning debut!