Saturday, November 3, 2012

4x800 World Record 35-39

I'm excited about the idea of getting a team of New Englanders together to go after the world record in the 4x800 indoors for 35-39 year olds. Mike Galoob approached me about this idea this summer after a trail race. I loved the idea! The problem is we're having difficulties finding able bodies that are interested.

So here is my idea: We'll have a "try out" of sorts at the BU Mini Meets. Run an open 800. If you run 2:04-2:02 you hit the B Standard for the team. If you run 2:01 or faster, that's the A Standard. We would need to average 2:02.xx to get the record. This would give a person 3 attempts to hit the standard as there are 3 Mini Meets (I believe). The goal would then be to select the team and then go for the record at Terrier Classic in late January. This would give people 3 weeks to sharpen up for the record attempt. (I'd have to contact the meet director to make sure we could race there) If we fell short we could always try again at a later date. I would be running the "try out" as well. I'm planning to do at least 2 800's at the Mini Meets and hoping to hit the A Standard. I ran a 1:59 in 2010 and a 2:00 in 2011. I'm confident I can hit those times again.

If you're reading this and are 35 or older, and want to be a world record holder, contact me at or leave a comment on this blog. Hope to see people at the Mini Meets!


p.s If we get a lot of people interested maybe we could have 2 teams gunning for the record. That would make it even more exciting.


  1. Greg, I have no idea how fast I can run an 800, but count me in as interested. I will see you at some of those BU meets.

  2. Awesome! See you there, Chris.

  3. I'm nowhere near that (is there an F or a G standard???) but very excited by your chase for stardom!! Good luck man!