Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wednesday, November 7

Am: 3mi/19min with Griffin on roads. 8.7 shuttle run in PE class. Grabbed rim on 10ft. Legs feeling snappy and fresh. Pm: 10mi*/66min with a track workout. 8x400 with 200 rest. result: (67,66,65,64,63,63,62,61) with Najem (Andy,Ben, and Fyffe there also) I'm really pleased with this effort. Feeling fit and fast.


  1. That is because you are fit and fast.
    I sure do miss seeing you guys on Wednesdays. I cracked a rib in a student/teacher flag football game about a month ago, and I have hardly run since. It's just now feeling better, and maybe with a couple of weeks of serious training for me, I could just about keep up with you guys on the warmup.
    Hope to see you out there sometime soon.

  2. Thanks guys. Hope to see you soon, James.