Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Week of 2/11 to 2/17

Mon - 1mi with kids at school +circuits Tues - 9miSS/65min in Saxton's River with Ferenc and the girls and Whistle Wed - 1mi with kids at school + lifted weights. pm:11mi*/72min Baker St workout. 3x800 3x600 3x400 3x200 (2:28,2:24,2:25,1:44,1:42,1:41,74,xxxx) Crappy workout. Body exhausted. Pulled the plug on it. Thurs - 1mi with kids at school +circuits pm: 5mi/35min. Fri - 12mi/1:23 in Pisgah with Ferenc and the girls. Lena got attacked by the dogs at the top of the street. Great run otherwise. Lifted weights. Sat - 9mi/60min in Pisgah. + 3x10sec hill sprints. Feeling good. 120 pushups. Sun - 22mi*/2:31 in Grafton VT with Ferenc and George. Cold and windy run on the marathon road long loop. Total - 71miles

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