Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tuesday, April 9

Am: 1mi with kids at school + circuits. pm: 9mi/58min in Pisgah. Solo. Another beautiful 60° day. Woodfrogs and Spring Peepers out in full force. Trails 90% clear of snow and ice. Herons are on the beaver pond. There are comnon mergansers, canada geese, mallards and wood ducks out on the pond too. Won't be long til the beavers are splashing around. I never saw the otters this year. Usually I see them when the pond is all ice with a few open spots. They'll pop up on the ice to rest or chomp down a horned pout. I had a fox sparrow in the yard and I saw a bald eagle soaring over the recess field at school. I love spring!

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