Friday, August 21, 2015

Week of August 17th to 23rd, 2015

1:45 on Mt Monadnock.  Ran up the Pumpelli Trail w/Ferenc.  Hot day.  I was tired and sluggish from the heat and humidity.  Ferenc was feeling it too.  Up in 54, down in 50+.  Slow run but still fun.  I went fishing at night with MC.  I broke my line on a hog.  Landed a nice 3.5lber.  I'm upgrading from 12lb mono to 14lb mono.  I can't fish braided, that stuff sucks!

1mi + drills and sprints at the YMCA.  Lifted weights.  Feeling good!

0mi.  SUPing with Jen 1:30.  Good workout coming back into the wind.  30min hike with Jen and Griffin.  Played some wiffle with Boj and lost 2-1.  He hit a two run walk off homer to win.  I still hate him.

AM:  2mi with Jen and Griffin.  SUPing 1:30 with Jen. 
PM:  10mi/74min on Marlborough trails with Boj.  Good run.  Went fishing with Griffin.  I managed to land 2 bass even though Griffin swam after my lure and scared all the fish.  She was too cute to get mad at and it was nice to see the old girl acting so spry.




Total for the week:

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