Friday, August 21, 2015

Week of August 3rd to 9th, 2015

9mi/65min on the Athens trails with Ferenc and Lena.  Felt hot and thirsty.  I got a migraine in the afternoon.  I managed not to puke, but still it wiped me out for 6 hours or so.  First one in a long time.  I forgot to have a green smoothie with ginger in the morning.  I swear the ginger works. 

0mi.  Drove to Corning, NY.  Long drive.

5mi/34min in Corning, NY on the roads solo.  Hiked in Letchworth State Park.  Impressive gorge!  Back stiff.

1mi + hike 1hr with Jen and Griffin in Urbana State Park with Jen and Griffin.  Saw a 8" leopard slug.  Cool creature!  Caught some rock bass and yellow perch from the dock in Keuka Lake.

3mi + hike 1hr in Urbana State Park with Jen and Griffin.  Kayak 30min on Keuka Lake.  Long drive home in the afternoon.

0mi.  Lifted weights and got huge.  Bought stand up paddle boards.  Had my birthday party at night.  Fun times!

0mi.  Lazy day.  38 years old today.  Getting old.

Total for the week:
18mi.  Not a good week.  Oh well.

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