Friday, August 21, 2015

Week of July 27th to August 2nd, 2015

3mi/20min in Stone Harbor, NJ.  Last mile 6:00.  Walked an hour in Cape May.  Saw some cool birds:  purple martins, black skimmers, least terns, piping plovers, fish crows, laughing gulls and American oyster catchers.  Body surfing for an hour +.  Waves decent.

0mi.  Walked for an hour on Stone Harbor Point.  Saw a peregrine falcon swoop down and catch a baby least tern.  Easy pickings!  Swam in the ocean, small waves today.  Long drive home in the afternoon.  Fun trip.

3mi/20min in Pisgah solo.  Lifted weights and went fishing at night.  Lost a 5lber at the canoe.

0mi.  Swam at Kilburn pond with Jen and Griffin.  Lazy the rest of the day.

12mi*/1:12:40 - m.p. run solo in Pisgah.  Great run!  Gorgeous weather again.  Fishing at night with MC and George.  George landed 2 big bass.  I caught 20 fish, biggest was 3lbs.

0mi.  Drove to RI for my mother and older brother's birthday party.  70 and 40.  Fun time!

5mi/37min in Burlingame trails solo.  My back is stiff.

Total for the week:
23mi.  July totals 173mi = 39.1 MPW.  Not great but I'm cool with it.  I'm addicted to catching bass.

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