Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Week of February 15th to 21st, 2016

0mi.  I did circuits at school.  I also went for a 15min walk with Griffin followed by 2 x 8sec hill sprints.  I was a little stiff and sore today.  It was -11F this morning.

1mi + drills and lifting at the Y.  We had a snow day today.  I shoveled for an hour and then went xc skiing.  The skiing sucked because of the icy crust on top.  I couldn't get a good kick and glide going.  Only went for 20min then called it a day.  Got up to 51F in the afternoon with heavy rain. 

0mi.  Lazy day.  Upper back pretty stiff today.

Lifted weights in the morning.  Took Griffin for a 35min hike in Pisgah in the afternoon.

0mi.  We had the staff vs student basketball game at school.  We won 67-65.  I scored about 25 pts with a lot of lefty layups, a couple nice j's and a 3pter.  Fun game!

1mi + drills and lifting weights at the YMCA.  I felt super strong today and was lifting heavy (for me).  Hiked with Griffin in the afternoon for 35min in Pisgah.  We enjoyed the sunshine and 50F temps.  Went to Stoddard to hang out with my parents after the hike.  Great day.

13mi/1:39 on the Keene Rds to Surry Dam and back with Thomas.  Good run.  My left hip got a little sore on the run.  Beautiful weather again, 44F.  We saw an adult bald eagle flying over the dam. 

Total for the week:
15mi.  Not a great week of running but I'm happy with lifting 3 times this week.  I felt super strong on Saturday.  Making gains!  Staff vs student basketball game was a blast.  The lifting and lack of running is making me more athletic.  I can cut and sprint and jump again.  It feels great.  I joined a legit indoor soccer league in the Greenfield, MA bubble.  We play our first game next Wednesday.  I have vacation next week.  I'd like to run at least 4 days.  I'm planning on racing the Bellville Pond trail race next Saturday.  That should be a real eye opener as to how out of running shape I've become.  I fully expect to get my butt kicked but it will be fun.  My strategy is to sit behind Jonny for as long as I can and then hopefully outkick him.  We'll see!

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