Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week of February 1st to 7th, 2016

0mi.  Walked 15min with Griffin.  Have a cold.

0mi.  Hiked 1hr in Pisgah with Griffin.  42F with icy trails.  Wore my micro-spikes.

0mi.  I was going to do a track workout but I got stuck at work.  Bummer.  Walked 20min with Griffin.

0mi.  Lifted weights.  Walked twice with Griffin. 

1mi/8min + drills at the YMCA with lifting.  Had a snow day today.  Xc skied 30min but the snow was too sticky.  Not great for skiing.  Got huge at the Y.

11mi/76min on the Putney Mtn trails with Ferenc, Lena and Ellie.  Good run.  Wore my micro-spikes.  Xc skied 1:20 in the afternoon in Pisgah.

7mi/46min in Pisgah solo.  Moving really well for the trail conditions.  I worked hard. 
1mi/8min + drills at the Y.  Lifted weights and got diesel.  Xc skied 35min in Pisgah.  Nice day with lot's of activity.

Total for the week:
20mi.  Not a good week.  I had a cold and was lazy at the start of the week. 

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