Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week of February 8th to 14th, 2016

0mi.  Xc skied 30min around the farm fields in my neighborhood at night.  Nice snowfall coming down.

Xc skied 40min on farm fields in the morning.  6" of fresh light powder.  Fun stuff!
Xc skied 40min in Pisgah with Griffin in the afternoon.  Great conditions.

Xc ski 1:20 in Pisgah with Griffin.

0mi.  Lazy day. 

0mi.  Lifted weights at the Y after school.  -2F this morning.  Chilly.  Did some jump roping at the Y.

1:47/ 15mi in Pisgah with Ferenc and Lena.  Cold 15F.  Wore micro-spikes.  Ferenc rolled his ankle hard an hour into the run.  My quads had micro cramps at the end of the run, probably from lifting heavy yesterday, but maybe from being out of running shape.  Beautiful day in the woods.  Did yoga after the run which I need to do every day.

1mi + drills at the Y plus lifting weights.  Felt tired and my left hip was bugging me a little bit.  Cold day.  -16F in the morning but it warmed up to a balmy 5F.

Total for the week:
16mi.  I've officially become a weekend warrior.  I'm enjoying the xc skiing during the week though.  I wish we had a bit more snow.

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