Sunday, May 20, 2012

Saturday, May 19th Bedford 12k

15mi/1:30 - Bedford 12k - 39:59(5:22) 22nd place.
This was a fairly disappointing race. I was looking forward to running a pr that would be a good confidence booster going in to Vermont City. I felt flat and sluggish on my warm up and my quads were a little sore. I've been messing around with my running form lately and I think that's the reason for the unusual soreness. I know: dumb idea to mess arohnd so close to the marathon. Lesson learned! Seems like a lame excuse for a bad race but I honestly believe it was a factor. During the race I was running with teammates Al Bernier, Mike Quintal, and Kevin Tilton. I had a rough last mile as a train went by me and I couldn't latch on. Al passed me and we yo yo'd a few times before he finally dropped me on the little hill before the track. I did sneak out a 1 second pr and finished 5th for CMS as we won the team title. Jen ran a 9 minute pr! Wow! I'm jealous!


  1. Hey man a PR is a PR and you scored on the winning team, nothing to complain about! Great race! Can't wait to see what you run at VCM man.