Monday, March 18, 2013

Sunday, March 17 - New Bedford Half Marathon

17mi*/1:41 - New Bedford Half Marathon: 1:11:09(5:26) 29th place. I'll take it. I would have loved to run a p.r. I would have loved to have broken 1:10. Hell I would have been psyched if I broke 1:11. I'm pleased though because I raced to my fitness level and pushed hard the entire race. It really was a great run. I just haven't been doing the road work or the mileage. I ran steady the whole time. I struggled after the 9mile mark when we turned into a strong head wind. A BAA guy caught me and I latched on. We were rolling and picking off people. Two of them were able to hang onto our pace and now we had a good pack of 4 working together into the wind. The last 2miles Uphill and into the wind were tough. I lost contact with my group on the last climb but reeled them in on the final straight. Here are my miles: 5:18-5:29-5:30-5:35-5:09(27:03) 5:13-5:08-5:22-5:22-5:28(53:40) 5:38-5:32-5:43-35(1:11:09)


  1. Wow, impressive time (even if you didn't PR.) Nice race!

  2. Headwind the last few miles has got to be rough. That is one competitive half where 1:11 gets you 29th place! Nice job.

  3. Thanks guys! I think I need to get on the WTAC half marathon training plan. It looks like if I follow the program I'm guaranteed a p.r.!!