Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wednesday, November 6th

10mi*/67min. Drummer Hill workout with Andy, Boj, and Clint. We did the mile first but we have no idea of where it ends. I ran hard for 6:20 what ever that means. After that we did the 400 and 200 equivalent hills that the college guys do. We went 4 x 400 with jog back down recovery: (71, 72, 68, 60). Then on to 4 x 200 (31, 29, 27, 24.9) I was really happy with my last 400 and last 200. It was nice to really get up on the toes and hammer. Pretty good effort all around. Seemed like everyone was psyched about their workout. Headlamp and reflective vest on for the cool down. Watched the first quarter of the Celtic's game at Boj's after. Who the heck are these guys?


  1. I'll show ya how to run Drummer Hill this winter one time. Solid workout! Looks like you gonna be getting after that 800 again with that raw leg speed you possess!

  2. That's the plan! I look forward to doing a drummer session with you. You can show me where the mile ends.