Monday, November 17, 2014

Week of October 13th to 19th, 2014

3mi/23min in Friedsam with XC team.  Not too sore today.

0mi.  Had a dentist appointment.

2mi/16min at school with kids.  Had an XC meet afterschool.

10mi/70min in Pisgah with Ferenc and the girls.  Raining and warm, 70F.  Lifted weights in the morning.

7mi/47min in Pisgah with Brett, Summit and Griffin.  Saw a huge porcupine. 

AM:  5mi/35min + drills and sprints.  I got this run in early before the State Meet.
PM:  2mi* at the State Meet jogging warm-ups and sprinting like crazy all around the meet to cheer for the kids.  Great day!  We did awesome.

14mi*/1:25 - Granite State 10miler - 55:51 (5:35) - 1st place. 
It was a windy chilly day.  I sat behind Eric Williams through the first half of the race and then opened up a small gap on a downhill after the 5mile mark. (28:44).  I was able to increase my lead and get the win running a nice negative split.  (27:07).  It is mostly downhill in the second half.  I'm happy with this race.  It's a tough course so the time is better than it appears.  Jen and I did this race to celebrate our 3rd anniversary.  It's become our anniversary tradition and it's a fun one.  Jen joked after her race, "Why didn't we pick a 5K?  10 miles is tough!" 

Total for the week:
43mi.  Ok week.  Last week of XC season!

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