Monday, November 17, 2014

Week of October 6th to 12th, 2014

AM:  3mi/24min with kids at school.
PM:  8mi/54min on Saxton's River trails with Ferenc and the girls.  Pulled a deer tick out of my calf.  I'll have to watch that.

8mi*/47min in Pisgah with Brett.  We ran 7mi at m.p. in 39:41.  Great run!  Lifted weights in the morning.

5mi/40min with kids at school.

AM:  3.5mi with kids at school.
PM:  3.5mi/30min with kids at xc practice.
PM#2:  9mi/60min in Pisgah with Brett, Ferenc and the girls.  Great run.

Am:  1mi with kids at school.
PM:  9mi/63min on Grafton Ledge Rd. trails with Ferenc, Brett, Lena and Ellie.  Legs tired.  Wore the head lamps last 15min.

4mi/33min in Pisgah with Jen and Griffin.  Nice and easy run in the rain and drizzle.

16mi*/1:45 - Monroe Dunbar Brook 10.5mi trail race - 1:17:04 - 1st place.
The weather was beautiful.  I took the lead with Steven Grainger, Brett and Brian Rusiecki right behind me.  We hit the big climb and Steven and I started to get a little separation from Brett and Brian.  Steven stuck right with me as we ran by the first aid station and turned up toward the summit.  Steven jumped in the lead and I sat behind him.  Brian started reeling us in and I decided to make a move by Steven.  As we got near the top, I could see Brian very close to me.  I took off on the descent and just had fun hammering down the mountain.  I glanced back on the dirt road and Steven was 20 sec back.  He must have been going fast on the downhills too.  I hit the first stream crossing and again Steven was not too far behind.  I was getting tired, but knew I had enough in the tank to finish and first and that's what I did.  Steven ended up only 35seconds back in 2nd place.  It was a fun day and I love that course.

Total for the week:
70miles.  Great week.  Fun race on Sunday and good miles.

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