Friday, January 16, 2015

Week of December 29th, 2014 to January 4th, 2015

11mi/1:19 in Burlingame with Jonny.  Great run.  We ran Sammy C's and some other twisty single track trails.  Feeling good.

16mi/1:53 on the Athen's, VT trails with Ferenc, Lena and Ellie.  Fun run on a couple inches of crunchy snow.  19 degrees and sunny.

AM:  5mi/NT with Jen and Griffin in Pisgah.  Cold and sunny 16 degrees.
PM:  4mi/34min in Pisgah with Glenn and Griffin.  Fun run.

7mi*/49min - track workout at Brattleboro track with Glenn and 2 of his athletes.
Mile - 4:58 + 4 x 400m with 400 rest (71, 70, 67, 66)
Fun way to start the New Year.  It was cold around 11 degrees to start but it warmed up a little bit. 

0mi.  My back is stiff and sore and I felt like taking it easy.

20mi*/2:24 in Pisgah with Brett, Ferenc, Lena, Ellie and Summit.  Great run.  It was cold around 15 degrees.  We ran on Old Spofford trail and crossed the Swamp of Sorrow.  We saw a painted turtle swimming under the ice.  This is a really cool route that's only passable in the winter when the beaver pond is frozen. 

4mi/33min in Pisgah with Griffin and Jen.  2" of crusty fresh snow.

Total for the week:
67mi.  Pleased with this week.  I got a good speed workout in and a long run. 

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