Sunday, June 16, 2013

June 15th - Mt. Washington

1:21:28 - 67th place. I'm not sure what to say about this race. It sucked and was awesome at the same time. It was ridiculously difficult and also easy. It sucked because I ran like a wimp. Any parts of the race that were tough, I'd give up on myself and back off. I felt good through the half way point hitting it in 38:12. At 5miles was when I just ran without any toughness. I hiked on a lot of the steep stuff. I realize I have no low gear. When it was steep I had nothing in the legs. I was faster than the people around me on the less steep sections. This is what made the race easy. Me being a wimp and not hurting enough. I feel like going into a race like this you need to have your A game. I was in sub par shape and knew it, which gave me zero confidence. It was a lot of fun hanging out on the top, cheering runners on. The weather was glorious if you were out of the wind. I'm not sure if I'll ever race this one again. I'd want to be in monster shape with some of the other mountain races in my legs to help with my low climbing gear.


  1. Pretty impressive nonetheless, even if you weren't in top shape!

  2. I can't imagine how to ever train for a race like this (other than running mountains themselves for those who have that proximity). Nicely done.