Sunday, September 8, 2013

Saturday, August 31st

11mi*/73min at the KSC Alumni XC Race. 16:45(5:23) 13th overall - 7th for alumni. This was a fairly mediocre race. My legs felt a little flat and sore going into this. I think it's from the adjustment to the first week of school. I'm standing all day and I'm running around, skipping, galloping, side sliding, playing soccer at recess, just doing things my legs haven't done for 8weeks. It's a lame excuse, but I just felt a little off. It was also unmercifully humid, at least it was cloudy though so the temps weren't crazy high. I went out conservatively at the gun and moved with Thomas through the first mile passing college kids that sprinted out too fast. Around 2miles I was planning on picking up the pace, the time came and I had nothing to roll with. I survived the last mile but was slowing down. A few guys caught me as we entered the final straight away, but I was able to hold them off with a decent kick. This was my worst performance ever at Alumni. I had a rough Spring but then a decent summer, I just am not very fast. I haven't been racing a lot which is probably hurting me a little. I need to do more 5K's. I also feel like I'm a few lbs heavier than what's ideal for me. My back and sternum have been stiff every morning. Is this what getting old feels like? I need to snap out of this and get in my happy place!

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