Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday, August 25th

2:41:28 on Mt. Monadnock. I ran up the Pumpelly trail with my goal being to work on my low gear and run everything. I was able to do this by running a little slower on the easier sections. I summited in 49:22 and then went down the White Dot trail in 20:25. I couldn't believe how many people were hiking this trail a hundred maybe. I got to the bottom and then turned around and headed back up the White Dot, stopping at Falcon Spring to refill my handheld bottle. From there I jumped on the Cascade Link trail. Nobody was to be found on this trail, everybody does the dot. I ate a granola bar at the junction of Cascade Lind and Pumpelly. There I found a Geo-cash in the trees. I turned onto the Pumpelly trail and made the left to head up to the summit for my second time of the day. It took me 46:08 to go up using those 3 trails. The summit was mobbed with people and I was starting to get hot, thirsty, and tired. I killed my bottle and took comfort in the fact that it was all downhill and I had a Gatorade waiting in my truck. I got down the mountain in 45:30. I guzzled my Gatorade and swam in Dublin Lake. Getting into my truck my hip flexors both started to cramp. That was a tough, awesome effort. Total for the week: 89miles. I got a good m.p. run, a good track workout, and a great long effort on Monadnock.

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