Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday, October 6th

8mi/54min on the Pinnacle Mtn - Putney Mtn trails with Ferenc and Lena. Fyffe dropped me off at the bottom of Pinnacle Mtn. I ran up fairly hard to meet up with Ferenc. He was doing a long run from his house with Lena. It was cold and drizzly and I wish I had gloves on. The run was fun and was over before I knew it. Effortless fun in the woods. All the Rhody guys killed their marathon races today. I'm pumped for all of them! WTAC on the map! See you guys at Lil Rhody. Hopefully I can get myself in sub 45 shape. Total for the week: 16mi. This was a planned recovery week. Next week, I'll start training for shorter stuff which will include hill sprints, tempo and fartlek runs, and lifting and yoga. I can't wait to rebuild my body into a speed machine. My body responds well to this kind of training and I'm excited for it. I plan on doing some 5K's this month.

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