Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sunday, September 22nd

16.5mi/1:53 in Gilsum Woods with George and Ferenc. It was a nice and chilly morning. The pace was mild and I felt good. First day of Autumn today. I went for a 2+ hour hike with Jonny and Jackson in the afternoon in Mdme. Sheri Forest. We did some trail running on the way back when we were a little late. Jackson was cruising the downhills. Fun day spent mostly in the woods. Total for the week: 54miles. This is probably one of my best weeks post Pisgah 50K. My body recovered pretty quickly. DeMar is next Sunday and I guess I'll be ready to rock.

Saturday, September 21st

13mi*/1:18:15 in Pisgah. Solo m.p. run. Awesome run. A great way to celebrate the last day of summer.

Friday, September 20th

8mi/52min in Pisgah with Griffin. I feel really good. Did a solid yoga session.

Thursday, September 19th

3.5mi/30min with xc team. Nice and easy. 57min/9mi in Saxton's River with Ferenc and the girls. Good run in the gorgeous weather. Feeling pretty good.

Wednesday, September 18th

4mi/29min in Friedsam with Griffin. I had an xc meet in the afternoon, so I ran before school. My legs feel pretty good. Did yoga.

Tuesday, September 17th

0mi. Legs still sore. Didn't do much today.

Monday, September 16th

0mi. Legs and body very sore today. I played some hockey at school today and rode my bike while the xc team ran. The active recovery seemed to help loosen me up.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Sunday, September 15th - Pisgah 50K

31mi* - 4:03:25 - 4th place. As usual, I was excited to race at the Pisgah Trail Race this year. I wasn't as excited as past years though, because I'm just not as fit as I'd like to be. Usually, I end the summer in top shape and chomping at the bit to p.r., win, or set the course record. Some years I've been lucky enough to accomplish all 3 of those things. I knew that all these things were highly unlikely going into this year's race. Still, I hit the starting line with a positive attitude, ready to have an epic adventure out in the woods. No matter the outcome, this was going to be fun. I started off running with Chris Hayhurst, George Adams, and Josh Ferenc heading up the hill on Horseshoe Rd. Jonny was out in front leading the 23k'ers with a little chase group behind him. Scott Traer was a few seconds up. Ferenc got antsy with the slow pace and bolted ahead to catch Scott. I was only mildly surprised when I saw him run right by Scott and keep going to pass Jonny. He came to crush souls! I caught up to Scott and ran with him as we entered the woods. Chris separated from George and wasn't too far behind Scott and me. We rolled through Southwoods and Nash trail feeling good and the pace felt easy. Scott told me that he came to set the record. He holds the 50K records at Pineland Farms and Tarc Spring Classic and he trains with 50-100mile stud Josh Katzman. I let him know that the record was legit and that David Herr is the man on this course. The record would be no cake-walk for Ferenc and Scott. I was disappointed that David wasn't in the race because he was home sick. It would have been interesting to see him take on these young bucks that were both rookies to Pisgah. They are fast and hungry, David is experienced and wily. Maybe next year. Chris caught us on the long steep descent on Dogwood Swamp and went flying past. He was hammering the downhills. Scott went with him and I decided to save my legs and run a more conservative downhill. It was going to be even effort all day for me. No pushing anywhere on the course. Just smart and controlled. I rolled into the first aid station in 57min and filled up my hand held. It leaked all over me when I was drinking climbing the Reservoir Rd switch back hill, so I dropped my bottle in disgust. I caught up to Chris and he asked what happened to my bottle. I told him it was leaking and I was gonna run camel style. Guzzling fluids at the aid stations and carrying no bottle. I passed Chris on the uphill and Scott was already out of sight. It seemed that he picked it up intent on catching Ferenc. He also didn't stop at the aid station which helped him get out of sight so quickly. Hitting Chestnut I felt good, but it's always here that I start to feel the climbing a little. I become aware of the daunting task ahead as I chug uphill. I had to take a pee break on Chestnut and Chris went barreling past me again. We came out of Chestnut and started the gradual uphill climb on Old Chesterfield Rd. The usual aid station wasn't set up in the parking lot because the bridge was unsafe to drive a vehicle over due to the 5" of rain on Thursday. We would have to wait another mile + for the next aid station at the Ski Trail. Climbing Old Chesterfield Rd., I caught a quick glimpse of Scott on one of the long straight-a-ways. I figured he had about a minute on us. I pulled away from Chris again on the climb. I almost said to him, I'll see you on the next downhill but I held my tongue. I stopped at the Ski Trail aid station and Chris caught me while I was leaving. I was told that Scott had a little more than a minute on us and that Ferenc was 5min up on Scott. I think the time on my watch was around 1:40. I thought that Jonny must be almost finished. We climbed up Reservoir Trail and I pulled away from Chris again. My legs were feeling really good, but there was still a lot of running to do. I hit the Pisgah Ridge trail and fueled up at the aid station. Chris again caught me but I left in front of him. I was able to put some distance on him going up the ridge. My legs always feel a little fatigued at this point in the race, though I'm still moving smoothly. I gave the Elijah Salute at the top of the ridge and glanced over at Mt. Monadnock. It was a glorious day. I pulled into the Kilburn aid station in 2:31. Chris was coming around the corner when I left the station. Time for the Kilburn loop, where dreams go to die. I was feeling pretty good on the downhill, but as soon as I made the left hand turn to climb out, both quads cramped. I walked a few steps and glanced back. Chris was back there, but not in striking range yet. I was able to resume running at a decent clip, but I was in cramp management mode. Run smooth and relaxed. Don't cramp, don't cramp. I hit the Aid station again at Kilburn and couldn't see Chris. Maybe he was struggling a little bit too? I got to the Kilburn parking lot where I saw Jen and she threw me a gu. She let me know that I was impossibly far behind Scott and Ferenc which I sort of figured. I got near the top of Davis, running slowly but doing ok. Suddenly my left quad locked up in a brutal cramp. I screamed out in pain and tried to massage it out. It was locked straight for what seemed an eternity. I yelled and swore a few times and tried walking backwards up the hill. Finally the cramp ended and I started walking. Looking back, still no sign of Chris. Ok time to run cautiously again. I got up and over Hubbard with no cramping, but my legs wanted to cramp and I was now officially death slogging. Finally, Chris caught me going downhill near the logging clear cuts. He offered me his Gatorade bottle which I gratefully took. I knew there was no chance I'd be able to race him the final 2 miles to the finish. My legs were done. He disappeared down the hill and I kept plugging away down my road. The hill on the road was tough as always but I was able to run it with no cramps or walking. I hit the line in 4:03:25 for 4th place. It was a fun day and I gave it all I had. Ferenc ended up getting passed by Scott on my road on the hill. Ouch. They were close to David's record running 3:41 and 3:42. The chili at my house was excellent and I got fired up seeing Glenn finish. I knew he was in the zone and feeling emotional from the effort. I'm already excited for next year. I have a lot of room for improvement. Some day, maybe I'll be able to master this race and finish knowing I couldn't do anything better from training, to nutrition, to race strategy. This year was not that year but it was fun and I've gained some wisdom. I can't wait to try again.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Saturday, September 14th

3mi in Pisgah with Glenn, Griffin and Jimmy. This was a nice easy shake out run for tomorrow's race. The weather is perfect and I can't wait for the race tomorrow.

Friday, September 13th

I ran to and from school today which gave me 2miles. 8mi/52min in Pisgah with Ferenc, Griffin, Lena, and Ellie. Nice and easy run. Finally, a real run this week. My legs feel pretty good. The trails were all washed out and a little muddy. The streams were raging and it made the woods very noisy and beautiful.

Thursday, September 12th

am: I did a good DDP yoga session. In the afternoon we had crazy thunderstorms with 5" of rain. At least the humidity should be gone tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 11th

am: 3mi/20min in the morning before school on the roads. I did yoga after. It was unbelievably humid and gross out there. pm: 1mi/8min with the xc team. Nasty hot and humid weather. We ran down to the stream in Friedsam and hung out with our feet in the water looking for crayfish.

Tuesday, September 10th

2mi/15min. I ran a little bit at xc practice and then dropped my truck off to get inspected and a little work done. I ran to Glenn's house after and had dinner there. I did yoga and lifted weights in the morning. I really need a real run. I always seem to end up barely running at all in my taper weeks. It's not a big problem, but I'm doing DeMar a couple weeks after Pisgah.

Monday, September 9th

3mi/26min in Friedsam with xc team. I really needed to mow my lawn and elected to get it done rather than going for a run after practice. Did yoga in morning.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday, September 8th

14mi/1:29 in Pisgah with Ferenc and the girls. Another great run, just rolling along, feeling good. We saw a group of 4 runners on the ridge trail. I got a high 5 from Steve Perrin. They're all getting ready for the 23K next Sunday. Total for the week: 81 miles. I had a decent long run on the roads which will hopefully help for DeMar at the end of the month. I didn't do any speed at all this week but it's ok. I'm pleased with the mileage considering school and xc are in full swing. I have Pisgah 50K next Sunday. I'll do a mini-taper the few days before the race. I feel pretty ready. I did some good work this summer, it's too late to change anything now. I'm going to really be smart about my fueling and take at least 6 gels during the race. I think I've been under fueled in the past at this race. Hopefully, I can run a p.r. We'll see on Sunday!

Saturday, September 7th

14mi/1:28 in Saxton's River with Ferenc, Pacman, Lena and Ellie. We ran the Sap Lines run. Just rolling along feeling good. Nice crisp fall weather.

Friday, September 6th

12mi/1:18 in Pisgah with Griffin. Fantastic run. Felt smooth and relaxed. Perfect running weather. Griffin charged the last 2 miles on Hubbard Hill. I love seeing the old warrior looking so spry.

Thursday, September 5th

0mi. Didn't do a darn thing today. I did play some temple of doom with the kids and hit some bulls eyes in archery.

Wednesday, September 4th

3mi/26min at xc practice in Friedsam with the kids. 12mi/1:22 in Pisgah with Ferenc and the girls. Great run! I was a little bit tired but the weather was gorgeous! Did some push-ups and pull-ups.

Tuesday, September 3rd

8mi/53min in Pisgah with Griffin. Nice and easy. My body was tight and tired. Did a lack luster yoga session after.

Monday, September 2nd

18mi*/1:58 on the Putney Rds with Ferenc and Najem. Fyffe biked with us for a little while. It was very humid and I was suffering just a wee bit out there. I had to poker face some of the hills. That damn ghost hill almost killed me.

Sunday, September 1st

10mi/69min in Pisgah with Ferenc, Lena and Ellie. Decent run. Humid weather. I did a great yoga session after. Total for the week: 53miles. School started and I wanted to be fairly well rested for the Alumni race. Next week run in the 80's.

August Totals

I ran 349 miles in the month of August. That's a 78.8 mile per week average. I was hoping for closer to 90. I ran two races, both 5K's running 16:16 at Yankee Candle and 16:45 at KSC Alumni XC. I'd like to have a strong Sept and run around 85 mpw. That means I'll have to double a few times a week. I'm gearing up for Pisgah 50K and The Clarence DeMar Marathon.

Saturday, August 31st

11mi*/73min at the KSC Alumni XC Race. 16:45(5:23) 13th overall - 7th for alumni. This was a fairly mediocre race. My legs felt a little flat and sore going into this. I think it's from the adjustment to the first week of school. I'm standing all day and I'm running around, skipping, galloping, side sliding, playing soccer at recess, just doing things my legs haven't done for 8weeks. It's a lame excuse, but I just felt a little off. It was also unmercifully humid, at least it was cloudy though so the temps weren't crazy high. I went out conservatively at the gun and moved with Thomas through the first mile passing college kids that sprinted out too fast. Around 2miles I was planning on picking up the pace, the time came and I had nothing to roll with. I survived the last mile but was slowing down. A few guys caught me as we entered the final straight away, but I was able to hold them off with a decent kick. This was my worst performance ever at Alumni. I had a rough Spring but then a decent summer, I just am not very fast. I haven't been racing a lot which is probably hurting me a little. I need to do more 5K's. I also feel like I'm a few lbs heavier than what's ideal for me. My back and sternum have been stiff every morning. Is this what getting old feels like? I need to snap out of this and get in my happy place!

Friday, August 30th

0mi. Feeling lazy.

Thursday, August 29th

10mi/65min in Pisgah solo. Just rolling along. My back is pretty stiff. Did a light yoga session after.

Wednesday, August 28th

8mi*/56min at KHS track workout. I did 10x200m in 37-35 seconds with 200 rest. I kept the rest pretty honest. Boj was there too, doing his own session. I lifted weights and did yoga before school today. Kids started today. It was a fun day. This will be my last track workout until the end of October because of xc practice. I do this every year and am always surprised to see how much speed I have from doing fartleks and tempo runs for 2 months.

Tuesday, August 27th

7mi/50min in Pisgah with Griffin. Hot and humid day today. My body is still stiff. Did a great yoga session after the run.

Monday, August 26th

7mi/55min at Grafton Ponds with Ferenc and the girls. Very easy pace. My legs and body are sore from the run up Monadnock yesterday. Today was our first day back at school. Kids start this Wednesday.

Sunday, August 25th

2:41:28 on Mt. Monadnock. I ran up the Pumpelly trail with my goal being to work on my low gear and run everything. I was able to do this by running a little slower on the easier sections. I summited in 49:22 and then went down the White Dot trail in 20:25. I couldn't believe how many people were hiking this trail a hundred maybe. I got to the bottom and then turned around and headed back up the White Dot, stopping at Falcon Spring to refill my handheld bottle. From there I jumped on the Cascade Link trail. Nobody was to be found on this trail, everybody does the dot. I ate a granola bar at the junction of Cascade Lind and Pumpelly. There I found a Geo-cash in the trees. I turned onto the Pumpelly trail and made the left to head up to the summit for my second time of the day. It took me 46:08 to go up using those 3 trails. The summit was mobbed with people and I was starting to get hot, thirsty, and tired. I killed my bottle and took comfort in the fact that it was all downhill and I had a Gatorade waiting in my truck. I got down the mountain in 45:30. I guzzled my Gatorade and swam in Dublin Lake. Getting into my truck my hip flexors both started to cramp. That was a tough, awesome effort. Total for the week: 89miles. I got a good m.p. run, a good track workout, and a great long effort on Monadnock.

Saturday, August 24th

12mi/1:17 in Pisgah solo. Feeling good. Beautiful weather. Had fun out there. Did yoga.

Friday, August 23rd

0mi. Exhausted today. Caught some nice largemouths fishing at the Reservoir.