Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saturday, October 26th

12mi/1:16 in Pisgah with Griffin. I decided to go up the ridge trail and see if I could get a good time hammering up the ascent. My best is 13:57 from the summer of 2012. I pushed hard in the ideal weather and was really starting to hurt near the top. I ran 14:01 which is my second best ever. The view to the east of Mt Monadnock was glorious with all the browns and oranges mixed in with bare trees and evergreens. I cruised easily back and got a little bonky toward the end. Great run!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday, October 25th

Am: 2mi with Health class. Pm: Had to ref a soccer game. I went for a nice walk at night with Jen and Griffin. Venus was shining brightly in the western sky.

Thursday, October 24th

Am:3mi/24min with Health class kids. Pm:9mi/57min in Saxton's River trails with Ferenc and the girls. My body was tired but the good conversation and nice chilly weather helped. Whistle joined us at the end of the run.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wednesday, October 23rd

Am:3mi/24min with Health class kids. Pm:10mi*/65min. Monadnock track workout. 16-8-8-4-4-4-4 with half rest. (5:01, 2:26, 2:24, 71, 70, 68, 65). I'm pretty sure the track must be short or downhill. We all ran great. I haven't done a track workout since August 28th. It was a nice surprise to run so effortlessly. George, Andy, and Boj all had good workouts too. Yoga in the morning.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday, October 22nd

Am: 3.5mi/28min in Health class with the speediest kids. Pm: 4.5mi with xc team. Grey, cool, damp day. Legs feel decent. Tomorrow track workout and lift in the morning.

Monday, October 21st

8mi/50min in Pisgah with Griffin. Wow, I can't believe how good I feel considering I raced 10mi yesterday! Just rolling along, enjoying the awesome weather. That road marathon must have really toughened up my legs for the pounding of the roads.

Sunday, October 20th - Granite State 10miler

15mi*/1:32. Granite State 10Miler - 56:34 (5:40) 5th. Pretty good race. I struggled a little bit on the hills in the 4th and 5th miles but was able to rally and run pretty strong. This is a hilly race in some beautiful back roads in Concord. The competition was strong this year. Here are my miles (5:28, 5:50, 5:50, 5:42, 5:44, 5:50, 5:41, 5:25, 5:21, 5:39) It was good to catch up with Chris Mahoney. We warmed up and cooled down together and he almost caught me in the race finishing just 5 seconds back. Jen and I really enjoy this race and I'm sure we'll be back next year.

Saturday, October 19th

4mi/28min in Pisgah with Griffin nice and early in the morning before the State Meet. It was fun at the meet. My kids ran well.

Friday, October 18th

4mi/27min in Pisgah with Griffin. Nice run. I feel great. Had the xc pasta party at night to get fired up for States tomorrow.

Thursday, October 17th

Am: 2mi* + sprints for NECAP. Pm: 8mi/54min in Pisgah with Ferenc and the girls. Good run. Nice weather.

Wednesday, October 16th

2mi* + sprints for the NECAP again. Too lazy to run in the afternoon. Oh well.

Tuesday, October 15th

2mi* with sprints to get the kids primed for the NECAP test. Did some serious DDP Yoga in the morning and had an xc meet in the afternoon.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Monday, October 14th

Am: 3mi/24min with Health class and xc team. Pm: 10mi/73min on Pinnacle Mtn trails with Ferenc and Griffin. My body is a little sore and stiff today. It started to get dark at the end of the run.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday, October 13th - Harpoon Oktoberfest 3.5miler

8.5mi*/55min. Oktoberfest 3.5mi - 19:35(5:27) 1st. This was a really fun race. Jen and I arrived a little before 10am for the 11:00 start and there were hundreds of people already there. Apparently this race was pretty huge. There must have been over a 1000 runners. It was a gorgeous fall day. I started off conservatively, running off the leaders' shoulders into the wind. The first mile was uphill. I decided not to take my splits but glanced down at my watch and saw we hit the mile in 5:28. I made my move after a mile and a half and bolted into the lead. The 3rd mile was pretty brutal, all uphill. The last .5 was down a steep hill that was almost too steep to run fast down. I got the win which was sweet. This was a nice little confidence booster. I won a case of Harpoon chromium replacement beverages and a beer fest boot for the team win. I had a blast hanging out with Jen, Brent Wilmont and Neal Graves. Good times! I'll definitely be back! I'm looking forward to more short races this fall and toying with the idea of jumping in the Manchester City Marathon. Total for the week: 60miles. Next week, similar mileage with hill sprints, a fartlek run, and a 10mi road race.

Saturday, October 12th

10mi/71min on the Keene Rail Trail with George. Nice easy run. I had an xc meet later in the day at Keene High. It was good to get the run in early. Tomorrow I'm racing at the Harpoon Oktoberfest 3.5mi in Windsor, VT. Chilly grey day today.

Friday, October 11th

10mi/66min in Grafton Ponds with Ferenc, Lena, and Ellie. Good run. My legs were a little tired today. Lena got quilled in the foot. This must be the 20th time she's gotten quilled. Ferenc pulled out all the quills and had to get a few out using his teeth. That's love! Beautiful day. I did my old P90X knock off dvd today. 90 Day Supreme Total Fitness: Chest and back. It was tough!

Thursday, October 10th

Am: 3mi/23min in Health class with fastest kids. Pm: 10mi/66min in Pisgah with Griffin. Awesome run. Felt strong and smooth. I had to keep holding back so I wouldn't leave Griffin in the dust. My form felt great. Could the hill sprints be working already? Probably. Did a solid yoga session after the run.

Wednesday, October 9th

3mi/23min. Health class with fastest kids. Did a tough yoga session in the am. Feeling lazy in the afternoon.

Tuesday, October 8th

Am: 6.5mi/52min. Health class + xc practice. Nice and easy. Ran with the fastest kids. Pm: 7mi*/46min in Pisgah with Griffin + 2 x 8sec hill sprints. Gorgeous sunny day. Feeling good.

Monday, October 7th

Am: 1.5mi with Health class fastest kids. Pm: 3.5mi with Griffin in Pisgah. Nasty weather. Windy with a strong rain. Glad I got this in. Did an awesome yoga session after. I pulled a deer tick out of my leg this morning. I'll have to watch for the bull's eye.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday, October 6th

8mi/54min on the Pinnacle Mtn - Putney Mtn trails with Ferenc and Lena. Fyffe dropped me off at the bottom of Pinnacle Mtn. I ran up fairly hard to meet up with Ferenc. He was doing a long run from his house with Lena. It was cold and drizzly and I wish I had gloves on. The run was fun and was over before I knew it. Effortless fun in the woods. All the Rhody guys killed their marathon races today. I'm pumped for all of them! WTAC on the map! See you guys at Lil Rhody. Hopefully I can get myself in sub 45 shape. Total for the week: 16mi. This was a planned recovery week. Next week, I'll start training for shorter stuff which will include hill sprints, tempo and fartlek runs, and lifting and yoga. I can't wait to rebuild my body into a speed machine. My body responds well to this kind of training and I'm excited for it. I plan on doing some 5K's this month.

Saturday, October 5th

4mi/29min in Pisgah with Griffin. Nice and easy run. Calves sore from shuttle run in P.E. class. I ran 9.1 which is slow for me. That's what happens post marathon. I'll run 8.7 in a couple weeks, I'm sure of it. I watched the Keene State Invite XC Meet. The girls ran well and the guys killed it. Pacman ran great for the old guys! Played some wiffle with Eli and Boj. Fun stuff.

Friday, Ocgtober 4th

0mi. Did a nice easy hike up Pitcher Mtn. with Pard, Jen and Griffin. It's gorgeous out. Foliage is peak.

Thursday, October 3rd

2mi/16min in Friedsam with xc team. Legs feel pretty good.

Wednesday, October 2nd

0mi. Had an xc meet. The kids raced great.

Tuesday, October 1st


Friday, October 4, 2013

Monday, September 30th

0mi. Total for the month: 258mi = 60.2 mpw. I'm going to take this week off to rest and reset. Legs really sore today.

Sunday, September 29th - Clarence DeMar Marathon

26.2mi*/2:39:18 (6:05)-3rd place. I'm pleased with this race, considering my less than stellar fitness level, I was able to run pretty well. I had a bathroom break in the woods at mile 11 which cost me around 1:30, and I slipped from 2nd to 5th. I may have pushed a little too hard to try to catch back up to David Herr and Justin Montgomery and I suffered from mile 22 until the finish. Here are my miles: (5:39, 6:10, 5:48, 5:54, 5:41, 5:49, 5:50, 5:52, 5:57, 5:58, 7:18, 6:04, 5:43, 6:01, 6:14, 5:36, 5:48, 5:53, 5:57, 5:50, 5:40, 6:37, 6:09, 6:45, 6:40, 6:49, 1:22). I'd love to do the road work and come into this race in 2:30 shape and go for the win. Next year!

Saturday, September 28th

4mi/28min in Pisgah solo. Feel good. Ready for tomorrow.

Friday, September 27th

4mi/30min in Pisgah with Griffin. Beautiful day. Sat for a while at the beaver pond enjoying the peacefulness. Did yoga in the am.

Thursday, September 26th

1mi home from school + 9mi/62min in Pisgah with Ferenc, Lena, Ellie, and Griffin. Nice run. I wore my new Inov-8 trailroc 255's, they're awesome. Did yoga at school with a couple classes. Feel great.

Wednesday, September 25th

0mi. Feeling lazy.

Tuesday, September 24th

3mi/26min with xc team + 13mi/1:28 with George and Griffin in Pisgah. Great run. Feeling good.

Monday, September 23rd