Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sunday, August 4th

6mi/39min in the Saxton's River trails with Lena. We ran up the famous switchbacks. Ellie ran away at 7am when I let her out for a morning pee. Naughty! I was hoping she would join up with us on our run but no dice. Emily found her later in the day around 3:30pm. Ferenc rocked it in Poland, coming in 15th overall and 2nd American! Hell yeah!! I'm glad he gets to come home to both the dogs in his house. I was going to run long today but I was a little worried about finding Ellie. I guess I'll go long tomorrow. Total for the week: 57miles. I guess I'll call this a recovery week from Escarpment, but I was hoping to do more miles than this. I started doing DDP Yoga, it's awesome. My glutes, hamstrings,and quads are a little sore from it. Next week, I'm hoping for a long run and some big miles. I might race the Yankee Candle 5K. I haven't done a legit 5K all year. Should be interesting. The last 2 years I ran 15:39 and 15:35. I hope I can crack into the 15's this year. Time will tell.

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