Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wednesday, July 31st

Am: 5mi/35min in Friedsam with Griffin. Nice and easy. My back is pretty stiff. Legs still sore especially on downhills. Pm: 8mi*/53min. Track workout. I did a 2 mile tempo because my legs were too sore for any fast running. I ran 11:04 and called it enough. Andy, James, and Bryce were there doing their own workouts. Not a stellar day, but I still gained some fitness. July Total: 346miles = 78.1 mpw avg. It's not the huge numbers I wanted to get in July, but I started the summer in the worst shape I've been in for a long time. Rome wasn't built in a day and it was still a big mileage jump. I'll take it. Things are definitely starting to click with my training. I've been battling a very stiff back but I'm starting to get the upper hand on that as well. I'd love to be in p.r. shape year round but I also realize that things happen and the real goal is life long fitness and happiness. I'm really looking forward to August, one of my favorite months: the deer flies die off, the weather gets less humid, and I start cranking out uber long runs to get fit for the Pisgah 50K.

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  1. I always like your perspective on running and looking at the big picture. Helps me deal with the ups and downs of training week after week! Thanks!