Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Thursday, July 4th

AM: 60min/9mi*. 4 on the 4th - 21:34(5:24) 4th place. Najem went immediately to the lead. I sat back a little with a pack following a few meters behind me. I hit the mile feeling ok in 5:15. Around 1.5mi Pacman caught me and went by. Brandon passed me around 2miles. From there it was a real struggle to the finish and I was slowing down horribly. I felt lucky to hold off the crowd of fast guys behind me and get 4th. It's my slowest time since the first year of the race (2002) when I ran with a sinus infection in 23 something. I know the course might have been 15 seconds slower this year, but it's still a disappointing race. I gave it all I had, I'm just out of shape. I am improving though. It just takes time. Here are my miles: (5:15,5:18,5:28,5:32). PM: 35min/5mi on the Stoddard dirt roads w/Jonny. I was burping up the food and beverages I just consumed. Legs tired. Jonny wasn't pushing the hills, but it sure felt like it in my tired state.

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