Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sunday, June 30th

17mi*/1:47 on the Putney dirt roads and trails with Ferenc, Fyffe, Najem, Thomas, Brett and Brandon. We rolled out the culvert and ran uphill for a long time. A ruffed grouse almost flew into Fyffe's face at one point. Later in the run a dog came out and Naj accidentally elbowed Fyffe in the nose when he yelled at the dog to go home. Fyffe soldiered on with only a little blood. Thomas, Brandon and I got on the gas with 3 miles to go. We were flying. They put a little gap on me with less than a half mile to go. Great run! We soaked the legs in the magical cooling Putney waters. Total for the week: 61miles on 5 days. Total for the month: 215mi = 50.2mpw. Total for the spring quarter: 575mi = 44.2mpw. It's been a tough spring but I'm snapping out of it and starting to feel fit and motivated. I'm looking forward to a big summer.

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  1. Nice run man! Wish I was there! Get after it man!