Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sunday, July 28th

Escarpment 30K Trail Race - 3:08:27 - 4th place. I was hoping to break 3 hrs here. I've run 3:02 and 3:01. It was raining at the start of the race which meant all the rocks were going to be very slick. Ben Nephew and 2 other guys (Dennis and Jamie) took off on the first big climb up Windham Mtn. I had to let them go, it was too quick for me. I settled into 4th place and that's where I stayed the rest of the race. I thought I'd be able to really hammer the downhills and catch up to the guys up front, but it was too wet and slippery, I just didn't want to take risks out there. I took 4 gels out there and 2 S-Caps. I had no cramping issues this year which is a first. Coming down the Wall of Manitou this year was treacherous and I was extra cautious once I realized I wasn't going to run a p.r. I hit the line in a rather ho-hum disappointing 3:08. I realize I'm not trail race sharp. Even though I did the Beaver Race and the Sunappee 5miler those were short, flat and non-technical courses. I train on trails all the time, but it's not the same as doing a tough race like 7 Sisters or Greylock, where there's tons of climbing and super technical descents. The rain made it slick and tough out there, but at least it wasn't hot. I was able to walk around without limping after the race which was a nice surprise but maybe I just settled too much in no-man's land and never pushed that hard. It did feel good to finish strong and not a limping, cramping, fading mess. I'll be back again some year to try to crack 3 hours again. I had a good week this week with 91 miles, a speed workout, and a tough race/long run.


  1. Nice race man! What's the next goal race?

  2. Pisgah 50K in September. I'll do a couple more long trail races to prepare. I'm also looking forward to the alumni race.