Friday, July 19, 2013

Thursday, July 18th

AM: 13mi/1:30 in Pisgah with George. Another hot and humid day. We spent a good amount of time swimming in Kilburn with Glenn after the run. My legs are feeling a little heavy from yesterday's workout. PM: 7mi*/46min at the Hinsdale Fun Run. I ran the mile in 5:21 and then did the 2.3mi in 13:39. It was brutally hot and humid without a breath of a breeze. Nasty stuff. I decided to just get some good tempo paced efforts in. I also had the goal of beating both of Jonny's times from his fun run a couple weeks ago. Mission accomplished. 20miles with some quality on a heat advisory day. I was feeling quite worked at the end of the night. Tomorrow is going to be an easy day. It also ends a 7 day span of 101 miles for me. Yee Hah!


  1. Now I'm going to have to go to another fun run!

  2. Killing it! Next 7 week span and day of mileage! Gets me motivated for Cranmore this weekend!