Friday, July 19, 2013

Wednesday, July 17th

AM: 7mi/45min on the Keene Tracks solo. Hot weather but feeling good. Two easy days certainly did the trick. PM: 9mi*/61min with a track workout at Keene High. Najem, Pacman, Andy, and Bryce were there. It was freaking hot at 4:15 on the track, 92 degrees. We decided on doing something short. 2-4-4-2 x 2 with 200jog after the repeats and 400jog in between sets. I did ok, but really felt hot. Here are my times (34,69,66,32,32,68,70,32). I really struggled on the last 400m. It wasn't pretty. Afterwards, we hit up the happy river for a refreshing dip. Andy saved the day with some ice cold drinks for everybody.

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