Friday, July 26, 2013

Wednesday, July 24th

AM: 8mi/53min in Pisgah. Jen and Griffin were out there running while I was. I felt really good, probably due to the nice weather. It was 75 with low humidity. Nice swim in the pond after. PM: 10mi*/65min. Track workout at Keene High. Najem, Andy, George, James, Bryce, and M.C. were all there. I wanted to do a mix workout of tempo pace and I - pace. I ended up hitting T, I, and R pace in this workout. First up 2miles - 10:33 then an 800 - 2:22 then a 400 - 72, followed by 2 200's - 29,28. I felt pretty good and the weather was amazing out there. We dipped in the stream after to ice the legs.

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